Nokia 6220

Nokia 6220

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  • iforgotmylunch
  • 40D
  • 14 Oct 2008

i love this phone. my baby but it blew up on me. i miss my baby. the songs, my pics...oooh my pics. really easy to use and a great speaker

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    • milojka
    • wgm
    • 01 Oct 2008

    hi people i have this nokia 6220 it replacment of my other nokia it very simple phone i just use for calls and text compare to nowdays new phones this phone has as a lot staff like gprs, mms, and it similar to nokia 6020, 5070 3220 and many other nokia models on a standard features and it very strong phone my one works good i love nokia the most thank you nokia

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      • Pranay
      • utu
      • 27 Sep 2008

      d fone is gr8!! i had bought dis in feb 04 nd was using till feb 08! no problems in between gr8 fone......simple nd easy to use

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        • Anonymous
        • ibe
        • 06 Sep 2008

        This phone is great! IT is small, reliably and easy to use. I bought it at the end of year 2003,until now it has been 5 years and it work just fine.
        I had drop the phone many time and it is still in one pieces. This is one time i accident drop it in my cup which is fill with water, after cleaning it up and on it back, its like nothing happen to it.

          • A
          • Azkaban
          • uAt
          • 19 Aug 2008

          Super quality. I've used it for 4 years and it still good. Super resistant !!!

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            • Anonymous
            • wr0
            • 16 Aug 2008

            this fone is the advanced version of 6220 classic lol

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              • Tinku
              • 2wI
              • 05 Aug 2008

              Nice phone. i m searching for it.

              can i get a new brand phone at this time.

                • j
                • jayzzy j
                • 2S{
                • 02 Aug 2008

                love this phone.............muah

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                  • apstav
                  • S4X
                  • 01 Jun 2008

                  Great cellphone.I have it for 3 years and no problems at all.very resistant,actually discontinued,but still great.

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                    • Brikena Bodi
                    • St$
                    • 17 Apr 2008

                    It's the best phone I have ever had. It's very easy to use it. I've 3 years I'm useing it and it looks like new. No technical problems.In general I like Nokia phones. Your company is the best.

                      • H
                      • Haya
                      • PxR
                      • 23 Mar 2008

                      i bought this recently..and its like soooo fast and the battery is coool......but its doesnt has a bluetooth :(

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                        • apmirkin
                        • 0Fg
                        • 01 Mar 2008

                        I bought one of the last ones in the warehouse in 2005 and have had it since and it is amazing and I have had no probs.
                        The features are not great.
                        the battery life is great and it gets me attention still!

                          • R
                          • Rex
                          • P$x
                          • 16 Feb 2008

                          Bye bye 6220..

                          I have been using it since last 3 years.. bought it for 11,200.. it looks real smart.. Now I have had enough of it.. and am changing my cell.. Its got no resale value at all.. but thats how it is with mobiles.. Isn't it..

                          Its sound quality is poor.. thats the main reason I am changing it.. I have to press it to my ears so hard that it starts hurting if I have to talk for long.. and the speaker isn't much help.. Its worse..

                          The buttons started causing problem since last 1 year but I was just dragging it you know..

                          Camera is good for nothing..

                          Anyways its an extinct species now.. So Byeeee......

                            • m
                            • mung lee
                            • wcg
                            • 15 Dec 2007

                            i have had it for 4 years since its birth in 2003, upto now, no problem at all. only on and off thinking of changing it cos of camera quality, ringtone, bluetooth, 3G, nothing major and something that i can still do without at the moment.

                              • i
                              • inder
                              • vGc
                              • 16 Nov 2007

                              hi i am inder i like this phone very much nokia 6220 because this handset is very small and body of this phone is very sexy

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                                • M.Rishan
                                • pu7
                                • 06 Nov 2007

                                Hi,Im Using this phone....very nice...But I dont know how to use the usb cable for this?I have DKU-5 cable...can anyone help me please?

                                  • J
                                  • Jesse
                                  • 2CJ
                                  • 03 Nov 2007

                                  I loved this phone, my Dad had it for about a year and a half, then passed it on to me and I had it for about the same amount of time. Stylish, small, intuitive, reliable. Never missed a beat. The camera was a piece of crap, but its a 2003 phone, what do you expect! 4MB of memory was not much, but being able to download pictures to my PC meant I could just delete them and it was not an issue.
                                  Battery life was great, charge time was about 1.5 hours and the battery lasted about a week (turned off at night, low/medium usage). My new phone only lasts 4 or 5 days.
                                  I still have the phone, it has decided it doesn't want to accept any SIM cards any more, I don't know what I did to it, but it still worked perfectly up until the day I put a Telstra SIM in it.
                                  Anyway, very durable, reliable, great little phone. I miss having it.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nF9
                                    • 23 Oct 2007

                                    GPS feature ?????

                                    lol hahahhaa

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                                      • link
                                      • w0Q
                                      • 21 Oct 2007

                                      ohh dis on is great i njoyed its gps feature!!!i lyk it so much!!!!!!

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                                        • pao Q
                                        • RKp
                                        • 19 Sep 2007

                                        i bought a 2nd hand unit, it serves me well until now!