Nokia 6220 classic

Nokia 6220 classic

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  • Adonis

I lost it back then and I went back to buy it again,I was told it no longer on sale. I miss this phone and will still buy it again even if it’s a used one.

  • Bri

I miss this phone. This was my phone 12 years ago :((((

  • Rm 243

maesstro, 21 Apr 2019yes you can there is a way243

  • maesstro

Caz, 19 Jul 2017can you still use WhatsApp on your Nokia 6220c ....last com... moreyes you can there is a way

  • ajju

Caz, 19 Jul 2017can you still use WhatsApp on your Nokia 6220c ....last com... moreI read somewhere that WhatsApp and Facebook will stop their services for nokia symbian phones. or maybe they have already stopped

  • Caz

danny, 11 May 2016yes.. u cancan you still use WhatsApp on your Nokia 6220c ....last comment was in 2015 today is 19 July 2017 ????

  • Caz

Why will WhatsApp no longer allow me to download their app...have had this downloaded on my Nokia 6220 c Classic and as of today 19 July 2017 they will not support my phone. Why? I do not want another phone because I am very happy with my Nokia, they want me to upgrade??????

  • ajju

asgarhabib, 19 Aug 2011still using this phone for a long time. Its simply a superb... moreFully agree with you ☺

  • Nadia ali

Nokia n82 is very nice mobi

  • Anonymous

used this phone for about 5 years.. amazing phone.. camera with the xenon flash was an exciting experience. I miss my 6220 classic.

  • Anonymous

1 of nokia's phone with xenon, another one is N82. love them

  • CzientHanade

Best phone ever made

  • AnonD-603065

it's the best phone i used from Nokia camera it's very clear and take great photo ... call recorder app in this phone work great ... everything on it's good

  • danny

mari, 01 Dec 2015Can you whatsapp on this phone?yes.. u can

  • Anonymous

Is this a 3G phone?
(How can I tell a 3G phone from its features??)

  • mari

Can you whatsapp on this phone?

  • Umair

Amazing Phone Ever By Nokia ;)

  • Haider

i wanna purches this phone Nokia 6220 classic

  • boss

i forget my lockphone number !help pleace!!!

  • khanna

POPPY, 07 Feb 2014I would like to buy The Nokia 6220. Does anybody have one t... moreYea i xould give it to you.Its really working well.