Nokia 6233 and 6282 announced

01 Dec, 2005

Nokia today unveiled the 6233 model tailored for business and entertainment. The Nokia 6233 updates the feature-rich and very successful 6230i model. While keeping the size almost the same (the new phone is just 11 grams heavier) Nokia managed to fit a lot of improvements: 3G support, stereo speakers, new QVGA 262K color display, 2 megapixel camera and increased amount of internal memory - 70 MB; the card slot is now microSD instead of MMC and supports up to 2 GB cards.

The Nokia 6233 is expected to begin shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2006 at a retail price of approximately 325 euro.

The Vodafone exclusive version of 6233 will be called Nokia 6234.

Also today Nokia announced the 6282 slider - one of the first handsets to support UMTS 1900 networks expected to go online in the Americas during 2006. The Nokia 6282 features QVGA display, FM radio, digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD card slot and Bluetooth. The new model looks very much like the 6280 slider for the 3G networks in Europe, but it has only a 1 megapixel main camera and lacks the second video call camera.


Nokia press releases

Mixing Business and Pleasure: Nokia 6233 offers 3G performance in a sleek package

New York, NY, US - During its annual Capital Market Days event for investors and financial analysts, Nokia today unveiled the Nokia 6233, a classically designed model tailored for business and entertainment. The sleek 110-gram, 81-cc model offers a 2 megapixel camera, a 320 x 240 QVGA color screen, digital music player, stereo speakers and a wide array of features and applications which take advantage of WCDMA services. Featuring a stainless steel frame and an improved, intuitive menu structure, the Nokia 6233 (WCDMA 2100 / GSM 900/1800/1900) is expected to begin shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2006, and is expected to retail for approximately €325, before applicable taxes or subsidies.

"Despite being one of our smallest WCDMA phones to date, the Nokia 6233 is no lightweight when it comes to performance," says Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "The Nokia 6233 builds on the formula that made the Nokia 6230i so popular - a classically-designed, feature-rich device together with an intuitive, easy to use interface. As 3G gains even greater mass-market attraction, we are confident the Nokia 6233 will also be extremly popular with consumers."

The latest Nokia model phone to feature the Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition, the Nokia 6233 ensures that 3G services and applications can be accessed easily and intuitively. Supporting the latest messaging, browsing, music and video standards, the Nokia 6233 features a brilliant 320 x 240 QVGA display, with an 'Active Standby Mode' that gives immediate access to the most-used applications.

With the Nokia 6233, the mobile office is a few keystrokes away. To be sure an appointment is never missed and the phonebook is always up to date, the Nokia 6233 easily synchronizes calendars, contacts, and to-do lists via SyncML. To print your favorite images or to connect with a headset or car kit, the Nokia 6233 offers Bluetooth wireless technology for quick and easy data transfer and connectivity.

Moreover the Nokia 6233 is compatible with the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-56, also announced today. Featuring an integrated antenna for enhanced reception, the Nokia Mobile Holder CR-56 supports connection to Nokia car kits and charges the phone's battery when placed in the holder.

In addition to having all the latest features to stay connected to work, the Nokia 6233 doesn't forget how to have fun. With exciting new 3G services, such as streaming multimedia audio and video content, consumers can download the latest business news as well as sports highlights of the game they missed. Consumers on-the-go can quickly upload and download large files - including downloadable games, videos or MP3 or AAC ringtones. Music lovers can connect a pair of headphones and scan through their favorite music albums, thanks to the Nokia 6233's hotswappable microSD memory card support of up to 2 GB. A Visual Radio client and built-in stereo speakers offering 3-D sound complements the audio experience.

The Nokia 6233 offers more than 4 hours of talk time on GSM networks (more than 3 hours of talk time via WCDMA) and up to 2 weeks of standby time.


Nokia 6282: High-speed UMTS performance for 3G customers in the Americas

New York, NY, US - As part of its annual Capital Market Days event, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today unveiled one of the industry's first mobile handsets designed to support 1900MHz UMTS networks expected to go online in the Americas during 2006. In addition to enabling 3G services, the new Nokia 6282 phone features a 2.2 inch, 320x240 pixel QVGA display, a 1 megapixel camera, FM radio, digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD card support, Bluetooth technology and an eye-catching sliding design. The Nokia 6282 phone (GSM 850/1900/1800/UMTS 1900 MHz) is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2006 in markets offering 1900MHz UMTS service.

New UMTS networks supported by the Nokia 6282 phone enable customers to access a number of exciting 3G services. Some of these services include streaming multimedia audio and video content and the rapid upload and download of large files - including downloadable games and video, MP3 or AAC ringtones, or over-the-air synchronization of calendar, contact and to-do information using the built-in SyncML client.

"With the introduction of the Nokia 6282 phone, we are helping to make the promise of high-speed UMTS services in the Americas a reality," said Kai Oistamo, senior vice president, Mobile Phones, Nokia. "Although it weighs barely 4 ounces, the Nokia 6282 phone is among the most advanced wireless devices available in this market. Without sacrificing size, style or performance, this sleek new device puts a world of possibilities into the hands of consumers in the Americas."

Featuring the Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition, the Nokia 6282 phone offers users an intuitive way to access the power of this new device. While supporting the latest messaging, browsing, music and video standards, this new interface also takes full advantage of the Nokia 6282 phone's QVGA display by using an 'Active Standby Mode', which allows the idle screen to keep owners informed of calendar and to-do items and to provide quick access to the most-used applications.

The stylish slide design of the Nokia 6282 phone keeps the extra-large display in sight at all times, yet allows it to remain ultra-compact while in the closed position. Additionally, by positioning the imaging controls on the exterior, the Nokia 6282 quickly converts to a conventionally-oriented imaging device that allows 1 megapixel still images and 15 frame-per-second VGA video content to be captured by using the screen as a horizontal viewfinder.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

easy to use and 2 excellent stereo external speakers. The only Nokia phone that can beat sony E in terms of sound quality. speedy text and store up to 1 GB memory without affecting the speed of the phone

  • Jif

Hello guys! just want to ask why my 6233 has a low signal and even if i have a signal sometimes to phone cannot be reached or not available. does it have something to do with UMTS and GSM networks? I tried switching to GSM mode only and the signal wa...

  • kristal

how much is nokia 6282??are they released now??and are you accepting swap cellphones...i have a motorola L7 and i juz want to swap it in nokia much po b ang idadagdag ko??

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