Nokia 6267

Nokia 6267

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  • TheOdd1sOut

do you like this Nokia 6267,,,,??

  • TheOdd1sOut

do you like this Nokia 6267,,,,??

  • peter

Still pretty good for the tasks mobile phones were originally made for. Large keypad and screen for "basic" phone.

Thank god you can still get these as refurbished versions, I've bought one 4 years ago and It's still rocking great. :)

  • Raj

I buy this

  • AL

It's already 2014 and this phone is still working great. Nice screen, big keys, 2MP camera, 3G and tough. Sadly, need to sell it already since its just collecting dust in my drawer.

  • R

Im so obsessed with this phone :)

  • piyush

plz upgrade this mob. Like audio jack, memory card slot & dual sim


the phone is superb,kudos you can download features like angry birds !!?!?!

  • nenita

i still want this phone.. i had this phone once but i lost it.. somebody might have stole it coz it's really a complete phone for me.. the cameras are great and so with the sound... and not to forget the text size that i could easily read without my eyeglasses on...
please.. can i still have this phone and where in metro manila could i buy a brand new unit? please help me...

  • holla

where to buy still?

  • Anonymous

Hello dear owners of this moblie
Can you tell me if this mobile has the option of showing the number of sms centre for all received messages ?
Does this mobile have the timer which can be seen during you calling someone ?
Thanks for help.

  • keys

what keys like ok for larger fingers??? sold or plastik phone?

  • Fernando

I still have mine, and it's still working fine :)

  • me2

Zuyen, 23 Nov 2011can you buy a brand new of this phone in nokia care center?... moreme2 where to buy one now plz?

  • james

im just looking where to buy this phone here in the philippines? someone please suggest where to buy this phone? thanks..

  • love flip phones

I've had this unit for several years now and no way will I replace it with a qwerty or touch screen phone. The screen and keypad are large, and the camera is ok. This phone is definitely a classic and perfect for calls and texts.

  • carl

oh i missed so much my nOKIA 6267

  • AnonD-33515

I'd love to hear a newly released phone with its advanced features and all, which is derived from this model (Nokia 6267)

  • AnonD-33515

This fon is AMAZING! It satisfied me,. :)

  • Zuyen

can you buy a brand new of this phone in nokia care center?? will they sell?? i want this phone again.. i have this but last summer it fell in the beach.. am from philippines does anyone know where to buy?? even if its phased out.. its one of my favorite phone.. thanks hope anyone will reply..