Nokia 6270

Nokia 6270

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  • mavi

lucky forever

  • AnonD-296628

i had used this fon for a while
best part of this phone is stereo sound with 3d effect woww...
unbeaten till to date...
i miss those days
image quality ok ,but vdo qlty poor

  • Anonymous

i have also used this mobile since my school life,it was all together a nice experience to spend time with this phone.

  • Manoj

I purchased in 2006 & used it in harsh conditions of industrial construction sites with dust/ dirt, water etc,. also in heavy steel manufacturing areas. It sailed thru well, only the outer body needs replacement with time ( genuine wear & team over time). I am still using it !! Amazing built quality.

  • ashoka_da_great@yaho

I still longing to repeat buy NOKIA 6270 if available. Is there any other substitute for this alphanumeric mobile?

  • msry

that,s my first phone and my best phone i have ever used

  • nabeel malik

its the best phone i ever used. amazing battery timing with amazing specs. i miss it

  • ashok

I miss Nokia 6270 badly. Even latest Nokia 515 dual sim stand nowhere with respect to screen clarity, display,call logs,visibility in sun

  • shail

the best h-free sound ever. even in all company.& 1more thing u can play ur rocoding while calling. find u cant get this.i realy miss u

  • Anonymous

I own a samsung galaxy note 2 but it is being repaired so I havo to use this one till mine is ready. I have been using it for two weeks now and it is THE BEST PHONE EVER... once I found that I can use internet, access facebook and download music on it I fell in love... great phone.

  • Sha

One of the best phone ever by Nokia, i'm using it from 2005.

  • suraj

this is the best phone which is use last time of nokia and o hope soon i will switch for lumia getting bore with android

  • Joshpedia

This phone is very good and nice. Infact, i like its flashlight and its camera. But, it usually consume battery... Pls, help!

  • Anonymous

My own nokia6270 can't accept transfer music,video,image etc directly 2 d memory card.when i try 2 change d storage memory 2 memory(it is in fone b4),it is telling insert security module.please help out

  • Happy with Nokia

My Nokia 6270, has been, drop in ground, in snow (cca. 15-20Cm. deep) and thus was about 12h. at temp. about -2 / -4C over night.

then when i found (was be stolen) Nokia 6270, she is be in off mode, and i say for myself "let see how is quality...", and after few h. stay in warm room, i turned on, and Nokia work well like before.
that is happend a few years ago.


  • mtvvj123

music quality is good, rest is crap

  • akbar barcha

i dont know why my mobile phone internet is not working like other phones

  • Anonymous

saif, 25 Apr 2012niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... moreI am working it since 6 years,it's antique and its photo clarity is very good

  • Anonymous

i like u

  • samuel

if does not collect application or if it does not have certificate