Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300

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  • Crash

Is this phone producing again by nokia or is it replica, i'm confused?

Anonymous , 14 Mar 2020Just love the softness of the bottens. I really love phones... moreWhich year are you living?

  • Anonymous

Just love the softness of the bottens. I really love phones manufactured by Nokia. Its sad Nokia feature phone manufacturing is discontinued

  • Niru

Good to see it again.its my first phone & i am going to purchase it.

Im excited to use it again after 10 years WOW 😊 as i have ordered a reconditioned from a website .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2019I own a Note 8 and to be fair, this was my favourite phone.... moremy first phone back in 2008 when i was in college my mom gave me as a gift for my 18 birtheay,my fav phone 2

  • William Stefanus

That's my mother phone this phone have that QVGA display and JAVA apps on it so i can play game on this phone and then i upgraded to E71

  • Anonymous

I own a Note 8 and to be fair, this was my favourite phone...... rip my best phone (2007-2012)

The battery life of the BL-4C battery is a huge problem on the Nokia 6300. I'd suggest getting a BL-5C battery for this phone. Trust me when I say this, but doing that will hugely improve the battery life to the point of a normal present-day feature phone.

  • AnonD-819322

I had a toy based on the design on this phone, the memories...

sucha a nostalgia

whata master piece it was back in the days, that plastic and metal body, that screen, camera, oh jessus I remember that came after these years.

I remember loving the vibrant colour display of the 6300. The camera's picture & video quality wasn't the best but that display just made it feel so fresh in my eyes!

This phone was made of really good materials considering the price and the time!

Question, 20 Feb 2019Is this phone compatible to the 4G network? Of course not, 4G networks didn't exist in 2007

  • Question

Is this phone compatible to the 4G network?

  • Anonymous

That used to be my dad's phone back in like 8 years.Now he is using a J7 2016.I remember the days of few mbs storage and flash

I very vaguely remember this phone...

Looking back, at the time, the phone was very important in the emerging market

  • wqrerg

mee toooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2018Not possibleWhat, why?