Nokia 6303 classic

Nokia 6303 classic

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  • प&#236

Hahha, 08 Feb 2019I still have this phone and it is still as beautiful as it was w... moreबॉट by nokia phone

  • Luskow

Can someone recommend me a similar phone like this but with the options of a new phone - what i mean is tethering, nfc, some basic app support(mainly for chatting) and wifi

  • Kaali

My 6303 is very good. It can enter to Internet. I often watch my favorite movie "DILWALE" (transl. THE BIG HEARTED) along this phone. I AM FROM UZBEKISTAN. This Nokia 6303 made in Korea.

  • Hahha

I still have this phone and it is still as beautiful as it was when I first bought it. Mine is a matte black colored phone and the blue keypad lighting looks very beautiful, a rare lighting color seen on keypad phones. The only problem is that it doesn't catch any signal. It detects sim card but it can't get any signal. The customer service said that network IC is gone and they had no spare parts as the phone is discontinued.
But it is still strong as ever and can run other apps just fine.

HMD Global would call this phone the "Nokia 6300 (2009)"

  • AnonD-733806

I have had this phone since it came it came out
Love it, still works great. Only big bare. Is how to get rid of scratches on screen. Does anyone know how, please ? 😕

  • AnonD-716026

It was released in 2009, May, but in my country, it was actually released in 2009, June.

Before Nokia re-made the Nokia 3310 in 2017, Nokia re-made the Nokia 6300 in 2009. The first true remake of a phone from Nokia.

  • R.

I got this phone. It actually supports 8gb of memory. It has Bluetooth 2.0, A2DP. I connected
it With JBL GO portable speaker and it lasted 7 hours which is impressive. If somebody wants to use some old Nokia or any other brand i think A2DP is the bluetooth standard that supports new wireless speakers etc. Overall very good phone.

  • Shiva

I bought it after its release in 2009 and now in 2017 i still use with no repair no battery replacement and i challange no phone has a battery backup as this phone

  • meow :3

My Nokia 6303 is still alive.. I used for listening song while laundrying :D

  • Tipu

using this phone for last 7 years
still going strong like the legendary Honda 50cc Cub motorcycle
camera is excellent
the battery is still strong
they dont make phones like this anymore

  • AnonD-643579

neetu, 21 Jan 2017i had purchased this phone last 6 years .It fell many times but ... moreI've bought on Aliexpress by 5 USD (with tools for replacing). After 6 years my 6303 as new ))

  • neetu

i had purchased this phone last 6 years .It fell many times but it is good . I require only the case / cover if any chances are there please inimate me.

It's a Nokia and nothing today is built with the same quality, used every day for six years and still going, I have three new spares when this original fails, as nothing else could replace it.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone 6Years ago it still working fine it fell down number of times even I stepped on it unknowingly but it works fine I believe this is the best example of quality phone but present phones are so far from quality and durability I wish Nokia will restore their pride

  • Dave

Yaser, 22 May 2016Bought This phone somewhere in March 2010.... Used it for 4 year... moreIt remains my most loved and enjoyed phone to date! I loved the build (mine was the matt black), loved the buttons and loved the camera quality + dual flash.
Truly, they don't make phones like this anymore.

  • Yaser

Bought This phone somewhere in March 2010.... Used it for 4 years at a stretch.... Kept it for last 2 years... 2 days back started using the phone again..... I believe such quality phones are not made in the current market anymore..... Thankful to Nokia..... It's a phone that works like a monster !!
Great for texting, great for music, good camera compared to the time and its competitors, good games also (compared to the time).

In a nutshell, I think it's one of the best bar phones ever made !!


A badass phone. Got mine like 6years ago. Still good. Battery last for 3-4days regular usage. Good for texting

  • battery

6303user, 10 Mar 2016yeah, I got the same problem it turns on and after welcome scree... moreI bought a new Li-on battery for it. The screen still randomly goes blank and freezes from time to time but I've had it for 6 years already!