Nokia 6303i classic

Nokia 6303i classic

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  • zigo

it a cool device,have been using for almost 4 months

  • Doc

Ron, 03 May 2021Could anyone tell me if my Nokia Classic 6303i (from around... morePretty sure the answer is yes. Don't see no reason why it shouldn't, modern SIMs are afaik no different than the ones from 2008.

  • Ron

Could anyone tell me if my Nokia Classic 6303i (from around 2008) will work with a modern PAYG SIM ?

I don't need to use any data - just want calls.

  • Momin

Is this phone now available in Bangladesh?

  • Shiv kumar

good mobile

  • Zlate

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2017Hi, no its only used to connect your phone to your computer... moreYes!

  • Gboy

AMANITA, 31 Jul 2010Anyone using 4gb or 8gb microsd for this phone ? Plz let me... moreI am using 6303 classic but there is this java error while downloading games

GUYS! The Nokia 6303i (or 6303ci) is a DOWNGRADE to the Nokia 6303c! Please make sure before getting the 6303i!

  • Glovwus

Nokia 6303i classic is the BEST phone i have ever had. I have had mine for 8yrs now and its still 100% Ok as the first day i bought it. This most relliable phone can still have a half life of 5oyrs at least. Nokia please send me just one more and i dont need another phone for a life time.

  • AnonD-719775

Mahmud, 17 Oct 2017I need Nokia 6303 Classicyou can get it from

  • Mahmud

bobtg, 07 Oct 2017Best phone i ever had, wish i could still buy oneI need Nokia 6303 Classic

  • bobtg

Best phone i ever had, wish i could still buy one

The original 6303 is much better!

  • RNIB17

Im using nokia 6303i classic MEA variant and im so impressed that his housing was a solid stainless steel with alphanumeric-arabic keypad , good for sounds and radio but his signal reception was not totally strong because im in the philippines and i buy it in buy and sell. I drop it 3 times but no damages , i hope nokia can do that tough phone in their newest android ... 😊

  • Anonymous

Shamy, 16 Oct 2015Does micro usb charge this phone?Hi, no its only used to connect your phone to your computer or laptop

  • ????


  • Anonymous

superb mobile

  • madhu



6 yrs had been past but still my Nokia 6303i is better. One of my best nokia phones I ever had. :)

  • alam

i have to need nokia 6303i clasic
this is very strong cell phone