Nokia 6310i

Nokia 6310i

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  • Ami
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  • 29 Jan 2023

I have recently bought 3 nokias and i just wanted to know if its possible to start them without a simcard.

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    • Jim C
    • 3a5
    • 28 Jan 2023

    Happy 20th birthday to my Nokia 6310i. On the third battery since it was born and still working as good as the first day. I recommend Polarcell batteries.

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      • est
      • gE7
      • 12 Jan 2023

      2023 still going strong!

        Nokia 3210, 3330, 3410 in the early 2000s and then, around 2017, the 6310i came into my life, which was only the case, because the 3210, which I bought in that year too, wasn't able to create a connection, which seems to be an issue tied to the sim card slot (they can't handle newer sim cards). The 6310i on the hand dealt with it and did its job. Beside the business man options, which are also designed differently, so you can browse through options faster (time is money), there is some nice stuff like audio recorder, which I even used a couple times in this era, because I was too lazy to type down a notification. Frankly, it's the greater alternative for nostalgic 3210 lovers, who can't get their 3210 to work. It looks more classy (obviously, since it was aimed at business class people) and it's easy to find spare parts, although original parts are not cheap. I used third party batteries with it, but even though it was a quality manufacturer, the stand-by time wasn't a joy. But I'm afraid that sealed, original batteries have suffered damaged due to 2 decades storing. Anyway, recently this mobile gently dropped in some very flat puddle of salt water and a few seconds later, it died. After drying, the mobile still works, but the battery gave up later and the control stripe on both hardware components went red. So it really is quite delicate, but I won't blame it, since something like that should be avoided. Loved the feel of the buttons, while typing, overall solid, realiable quality, but it sure is a big piece of mobile.

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          • Anonymous
          • 3w0
          • 05 Jul 2021

          Anonymous, 26 Apr 202020202021

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            • dave
            • ncM
            • 01 Jul 2021

            Anonymous, 07 Jun 2021Iam ready to buy that phoneA good phone with a proper handsfree kit that keeps it charged at the same time, available still, leaves smart ones in the dust, no internet or gps tracking.

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              • Anonymous
              • PGk
              • 07 Jun 2021

              snappercartier, 28 Dec 2020I have a 6310i which I would like to be able to use, but I ... moreIam ready to buy that phone

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                • SIR PHILIP N R GREEN
                • nw}
                • 25 Jan 2021

                This is my Phone handset.

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                  • snappercartier
                  • n59
                  • 28 Dec 2020

                  I have a 6310i which I would like to be able to use, but I assumed it would not work with my Virgin Mobile sim card only contract on 4G. Can anyone advise, please?

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                    • Bogsy
                    • nDK
                    • 18 Dec 2020

                    Anon, 22 Jun 2007Does anybody know a modern phone with as good battery life?... moreYour best bet is a nokia 8110 4g

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                      • maNi
                      • 6PE
                      • 07 Jul 2020

                      Mubashir Choudhary, 06 Jun 2020stil i have 3 Nokia 6210i phones. and in working condition.... moreFrom which city you belong?
                      Have u any plan to sale 6310i and if yes what will be the price

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                        • akhus
                        • HAJ
                        • 15 Jun 2020

                        Abu Safwan, 15 Apr 2020If i want to buy in 2020 then what should i do...i need it ... moreyou still can find one of these in satisfactory condition on ebay

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                          • Mubashir Choudhary
                          • apL
                          • 06 Jun 2020

                          stil i have 3 Nokia 6210i phones. and in working condition.. i love to use these phones.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • n5g
                            • 26 Apr 2020

                            AnonD-747082, 24 Mar 201820182020

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                              • Abu Safwan
                              • KIU
                              • 15 Apr 2020

                              nokia fan, 18 Aug 2019It is one of the best phones then nokia have ever been made... moreIf i want to buy in 2020 then what should i do...i need it
                              Anyone can tell me please from where i can buy this phone in karachi Pakistan, nokia 6310i...really that was amazing phone

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                                • Robert
                                • RqR
                                • 23 Oct 2019

                                I'm still using it. Amazing phone. Never failed me once.

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                                  • joshi
                                  • u1A
                                  • 20 Aug 2019

                                  never forgettable

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                                    • nokia fan
                                    • n9@
                                    • 18 Aug 2019

                                    It is one of the best phones then nokia have ever been made batery life is great i remember this phone all my life..

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                                      • Gyuri
                                      • msr
                                      • 22 Jul 2019

                                      I still have my original from 2002 and it still has the original battery. With one occasion when I thought it has died and bought a replacement one, which indeed died after a few days. Afther then the original revived and since the it works as new... I'm very sorry that this super technology batteries were replaced with these junks...

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                                        • smW
                                        • 07 Jul 2019

                                        ebjamcd, 14 Feb 2017Hi I have one made in Germany and one made in Finland are t... moreYes ,both are original