Nokia 6500 slide

Nokia 6500 slide

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  • black smith

i need spare parts

  • zzx

well i found it on my school! XD so i guess school is cool after all? :\

  • Sahil

Seb, 17 Jun 2019Hey how do you get the apps icons and shortcuts/calendar en... moreYou turn on standby mode or home screen o forgot what it's called.

  • Abrar

Grande, 20 Sep 2019I bought it again in 2019 .. Phone of childhood Me also

  • Grande

I bought it again in 2019 .. Phone of childhood

  • Seb

Hey how do you get the apps icons and shortcuts/calendar entries etc to show up on the home screen?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Catherine the Great, 17 Sep 2018Does the camera of this phone have auto focus?yes

Does the camera of this phone have auto focus?

  • AnonD-680327

This phone is the best i ever had.i used it for 4yrs.Good product...

  • Anonymous

DISPLAY Type TFT, 16M colors
Size 2.2 inches (~33.4% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 240 x 320 pixels (~182 ppi pixel density) Now

  • dave o

i want to remove / unlock the restriction code

  • Anonymous

himachliguy, 19 Aug 2014Very nice n strong phone...m using it since 2009...never ha... moreI accedentally drop it fr 4f down to gF, and its still working.,a very good 1 phone.

  • Syd

I bought a new Sim card but now cannot send txt msgs, can't find out how to change, can anyone help please?

  • mirchu

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2016My first smartphone in year 2008 mine 2nd mobile is

  • Anonymous

My first smartphone in year 2008

  • sniper

these phones are built to last.the only issue i have noticed is that ones ears tend to hurt coz of the technological advancement other wise am currently having a 6300 with its incredible ringtone called glow.
i tried graduating over to a htc m7 but the battery hardly lasted.thank you nokia

  • J.Mus

They don't make them like this anymore... This was the phone I used before trying a smartphone and the one I went back to after discovering I dislike smartphones. It's tough as bricks and one of the most beautiful phones ever made, with it's brushed steel casing. The Carl Zeiss camera is amazing for it's size, and I use a 32GB MicroSD card in it for storing all my music.

  • sahil

delirium rigtone is my favourite . my mum loves always hear. always hear is even on youtube write nokia always hear on youtube

  • Sachin

AnonD-352363, 15 Jan 2015i can't find a headphone for my 6500slide can somebody help... moreI have new headphone for nokia 6500 slide...