Nokia 6510

Nokia 6510

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  • Hixxy

Excelent phone, great features, radio is excelent. Nice small size and doesnt look like a toy like the 8310. my only gripe is the small send and end buttons.

The High resolution is very nice.

  • Hixxy

They do provide a headset with the phone.

  • sam

tis is one of the most stylish and sexy phones ive used.its features are tops and it looks so cool.i also like the radio but i wish nokia would provide a headset with the phone. battery performance is excellent so if u have the bucks and u need something cool to impress the chics go for it!

  • mihalache ovidiu

Is the best

  • Mr. Duc

I want to know about Nokia 6510

  • Muie_Steaua

this phone is really gr8......i like it and........that is all ,and now a message to my "friends":muie steaua.....DINAMO RULZ

  • Cuong

As i know, the Nokia 6510 has some deferent kind of software. So there may be some Nokia 6510 that is not as good as you described above

  • happy

this is a smart phone indeed!

  • aa

I want all thinks a bout 6510 plzzzz

  • adi

it good

  • must

hi I come from thailand

  • Mim

Nokia 6510

  • Abdel

I just got the 6510, it nice,sexy,beautifull then a woman? So girl if you are sexy then 6510,show it?But I don t think so,I LOVE THE 6510..

  • mirela


  • Whisky

Very nice design, but no composer.
The Radio does the work:)!

  • Jay Marvin Valguna

It has a lot of features and it is stylish. In fact it is the cutest of all the cellphones !

  • Anonymous


  • RaNhEiM

I just got the 6510, proud owner. it's gr8 with a gr8 radio transmission sound is incredible, it's one of the best purchases i have made ever.

  • RaNhEiM

I am getting the 6510 tomorrow and i am so exited, finally a radio for the beach :).
Glad i will get rid of dumb R600!!!

  • coldy

what's the use of colour phone? it's the same as any other phone. it's not as if u can watch tv on it. the most is surf the net with it