Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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this was my dream phone when I was a kid because of its symbian os being known for having a lot of good games back then.

  • SKumar

If Nokia launches 6600 with necessary updates today, I will ditch my smartphone and pick it up ASAP.

  • someone in 2003 era

Subha, 20 Sep 2021I want to buy this, from where I can buy? thank me later

  • mike

I still have a device and it runs perfectly.

  • Anonymous

D, 01 May 2021those days were really beautiful.. .(nokia 6600)..... .. ... moreGreat

  • Subha

I want to buy this, from where I can buy?

  • D

those days were really beautiful..
.(nokia 6600).....
the best and perfect smartphone of that time..

  • Sotosvw

I still using from 2004 just change battery once.working like new very nice device

  • Subrata

My first camera phone .... Just lovin it @ 2005

  • Mc mc

I miss this phone my friend try to to swap to my nokia 1100 .. And i have a chance to use this for several days ... That was 2007

  • Bharat kurre

My drim. Phone

I love this phone, IT was my first phone with Symbian OS. It was Something to have one, in 2005 . 🤍

  • Fredericm

My second daily driver today. From 2006 until now still in a good condition. Just a little trouble in keypads. I wish Nokia created new devices with design and physical form based on their old devices but with KaiOS or modified Android

  • Prem

It's my dream mobile phone

loving this phone and it's design
Best innovation at this time
It was like a dream for me to use it

  • Fawwaz

Still loves this awesome design
We called it nokia panda at this time ❤️

Waseem, 18 Jul 2020I want to this mobilethis 1 was my nightmare

  • Waseem

kumar, 12 Jul 2020So beutifull phone... I wants this phone..I want to this mobile

  • kumar

So beutifull phone...
I wants this phone..

  • Sourav

gadgetlover, 13 Jan 2020i have a nokia 6600 and it works fine Great..