Nokia 6650 fold

Nokia 6650 fold

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  • Eon

ashampol, 13 Mar 2012can't realy believe people don't appreciate this phone. Best bat... moreToo bad Nokia doesn't make such good phones :(

  • ashampol

can't realy believe people don't appreciate this phone. Best battery, full s60v3 games to play and applications. I love this phone more than my than any other.

  • Anonymous


  • Raaz

Emilce, 27 Jan 2011One of the best mobile phones that I have it :) maybe the best o... morefrnt camra nhi hai

  • Emilce

One of the best mobile phones that I have it :) maybe the best one ... great battery and camera!

  • LFC

2 years in my possesion, only in rare occasions, it was great, you should seriously think before buying this one.

  • Louie Catamora

Joshua Bowman, 14 Sep 2010I absolutely loathe the 6650 flip, and by proxy, the entire Noki... moreI hope you should give this thing to me...i Love Flip phones,especially the Nokia N76... i like it's form factor...and it's 3G... glorious please... don't just throw it away...

  • Matthew ukodn

D fone is a nice fone gud camera beta than som 3.2mp bt speaker is 2 low nokia jst made dis fone out of crap dey re very stpd 4 doin dis 2 d fone most of their fones can neva b complete. And d cover keys are so annoyin wish i culd get rid of it ani latest version relesd yet. Pls let us knw

  • Joshua Bowman

I absolutely loathe the 6650 flip, and by proxy, the entire Nokia brand. I have to tell you that this is the worst phone that I've ever used, and now that my two years are up, I'm about to toss it in the trash. I'm not going to burden anyone else with this garbage. I will never buy another Nokia as long as I live, and since I've since used so many better phones, I've told everyone I know that they should give their money to HTC, Apple, or even those laggards at RIM even if they're always two years behind.

Nothing could be worse than this junk phone that constantly turns off or resets itself, blacks out, misses calls, can't make a call, has terrible voice quality, has the absolute worst user interface ever, and randomly dials in my pocket or somehow prevents me from answering while flipping open the phone. That touch sensitive outside screen is the worst mistake ever, it makes me want to throw the phone at the wall every time it screws me up. I hope they're proud of creating the worst mobile phone since the N-Gage. The world might be better off if Nokia was dissolved tomorrow.

The one and only good thing about the phone is that the battery does last all week - but that probably has more to do with it shutting off entirely on its own randomly, and missing calls. I see red every time the "new voicemail" pops up with no call. I really wish I could have kept my reliable old Motorola W390 flip, but it was T-Mobile.

  • Enzomiac

mbl, 01 Jul 2010I'm not sure if AT&T version supports 3G 2100 frequency, can... moreYup, It does=)

  • J

It is advertised that this phone is has practically unlimited entries, this is not so, it says that the diaded numbers has thirty days of records, this is not so, I know that nokia has the best battery life,but this brand new phone must be charged every day, this is like a generic phone .... this turned out to be not good

  • jeevan

how cn i see my dialled list,miss call,answered call in 3g 6650. Wht is log1,10,30,no log in 3g6650

  • Cellulator

This phone has been quite a dissapointment:

1. The ringing volume is WAY TOO LOW. And it cannot be adjusted to louder because of the design - the speaker is enclosed into the shell and the sound simply DOES NOT COME OUT.

2. The screen offten comes blank, which is something that is easily corrected by simply closing and opening the shelll or pushing the disconnect button, but is nevertheless ANNOYING.

3. There are various bugs that have not been corrected; slow computer connection, bugs with the computer connection, software problems or glitches... the list goes on...

4. The outer touch sensors are a REAL PAIN. They keep activating by anything in your pocket and simply rumble through the phone app's. This could be hilarious as well as frustrating. But mostly frustrating. Annoying at least. This mostly causes you to handle this phone very gently, while the purpose of the cell phone is to be reliable and functional. How can you sleep well while you must always think about thing such as... will it dial someone all by itself while it is in my pocket... will it spend all my credit... will it delete something important... will it reset itself.... as I said FRUSTRATING!

However.... the GPS seems to work just fine. There was only one time during which it failed to notify me of a single turn - ON TIME. It did notify me, but too late. Luckily this was in the city, and the detour was very short but still. Anyway... on other occasions it worked fine. It took ages (about 5-10 minutes) to catch-up upon the GPS sattelite signal, but once it made it it was rock solid. No glitches, no disconnections (maybe in some underground tunnes or souch)...worked just fine.

The music through the earphones was quite a pleasant surprise. I haven't noticed any difference between this phone and any from the Xpress Music series. Very good earphones sound. Actually, I rarely cranked it up to the full volume - it could be THAT LOUD.

As with some other Nokia phones, with this one I never experienced that it turned off in my pocket. I might say, concerning this feature - it was reliable. But this is something that we expect from all of the home appliances - to function as long as we want them to and in a way we want them to so - no actual benefit here.

Finally, the review, from me would be; VERY DISAPPOINTING PHONE. Is it a nice idea from Nokia - Yes. Is it something that you feel comfortable using - NO!

The main disadvantages are:

1. TOO QUIET RINGTONE, which can't be adjusted louder.
2. OUTER TOUCH SENSORS, which cause your phone to act on it's own while you are not looking.


  • mbl

I'm not sure if AT&T version supports 3G 2100 frequency, can anyone clarify to me?


  • Satisfied user

The best phone I ever had. Its battery is simply amazing. It never disappointed me. When you learn all of it options you will never ask for another one.

  • Regis

It's a good phone to give calls. Other than that, well it is a bad smartphone. The calendar application keep crashing ... well in general application crash often. the buttons are way too close (in particular the AT&T version), and starting the GPS, internet browser is a painful and time consuming experience. When closing your phone, you would expect that application hold ... depending on the application, it does not seem to be the case, and an application can drain your battery in 1 or 2 hours.

  • Anonymous

the volume for the alarm... you will NEVER hear it. missing important things like moving your car for street cleaning and then get a $55 ticket because stupid alarm volume is TOO LOW and cant be made louder.

  • Anonymous

this phone looks great but is a disappointment. i have had to return three times because the battery is ON FIRE after 14 minutes of talk time. my hand and ear are burning. it sure helps keep my minutes down but i bought thing to have communication NOT deter it!!!

  • miscof

i agree, the best clamshell phone ever, its perfect...

  • mobile lover

Best phone in my life