Nokia 6670

Nokia 6670

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  • Morter

no software can turn the hardware configuration. means if the phone originally have mono speakers, it can not give stereo sound however can act like stereo (better) as it is already doing (no external software needed). however if you really mean that, give the name of the software you're using and i'll check it. i've tried a lot of MP3 players but of no use!

  • louis23

Hey u said u hv a software that plays music in stereo? wats dat software? Does it reli play in good stereo sound? if it does, i'm gonna get one 6670 maN.. Thanks!

  • Firoze

I've had the phone for 8 months. Its a good overall package. Camera quality very good. Lots of downloadable software availabe. I love it!!

  • adrianz

tiz phone is great but itz mp3 is juz mono sound..luckily i have a mp3 software tatz play stereo....hehehe...

  • othello

Hi people! I just bhought this phone! I like it very much but i have problem.The phone doesn't recognize the rs-mmc cared is posible the phone should be bad???
or broken???
plesa help...tks a lot..

  • Morter

just install the software from the CD provided with the handset, plug in the usb cable in your PC and connect your phone with it. click on the mobile icon and simply copy paste the songs in the desired folder.

  • andrewtai

hi im also a user of this phone... but may i ask how to transfer my mp3 songs to my nokia 6670? can u explain how to do that? ty and if can pls email me ^^ ty!

  • Morter

haven't yet tried 500MB however 256MB is working great. no lagging, no hanging etc.
overall, symbian OS is great and especially with this phone as it is Nokia and most of the software developers are focusing Nokia as their main customer.
this phone is nothing very especial if without external softwares! with them it is unreplacable!!!
MP3 sounds are better with the headphone and ok with the loudspeakers ... however acceptable!

  • Shaz

Is it true when i insert 512mb Nokia 6670 will be hang? so that's mean i dont have to buy 512mb MMC ? only can use 256mb MMC ? Can Anyone answer this? send email to me ya!

  • Shazroul

i've just bought this phone it was great! mp3 sounds very clear.. compact of function and it was the dream phone for everyone.. :)

  • jack

it is one of the best mobile phone.but itis no inferared.

  • HK Borah

Is it possiblr to play stereo MP3s by using a bluetooth stereo headset? Please advise, if not, am changing my phone.

  • Diablo

This phone is very good it can play some n-gage games like sonic ... The photos taken with it are very good quality ... But mp3 sounds better on nokia 6230 ... I am very fappy with this phone :D

  • amparisay

Hi guys! I got this phone about 3 months ago! It's very cool! the camera is wonderful! and also the sound!

  • Prasenjit

A superb phone - from all angles ! great picture quality, very good battery life (6days standby!), good sound quality, visual display is good n crisp etc etc .. it is a highly recommended phone! I moved from a SE T630 to this - absolutely worth it.

  • Eyad

Hi guys,
NOKIA 6670 is pretty coooool, i got 2 weeks ago, and its nice.
it has everything i need, great display, loud MP3, many application can be installed, and most of all it has a great number of Themes that can be downloaded for 6670 .

so its wonderfull ...

  • Jaydie

Hey guys,I believe whom ever haven't using 6670 haven't used a phone and there are clear differce between 6670 & 7610 don't let shapes confuse u.

  • pacman

i need a phone whic will work well with teenage requirements and this phone has pretymuch everyhing and evryones views seem to be really good .so is it good to go for this phone than any other id really appriciate some help thnx

  • cooldoc

hi guys..i have used this fone for an year or of the best handsets by nokia and u know it has the best camera..even better than many 1.3 and 2mp phones including se w800i. just try and r more clear and colors are natural...its a very nice fone indeed

  • deadly sins

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