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Nokia 6670

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  • CK

Hi guys!Any ideas how to clean up virus infected phone?

  • MPM

Overall, 6670 is a good mobile phone. I'm having it for 1 month and had no problem with it at all. The most important cons about this phone are as follows:
1 - The keyboard is not so comfy for typing. So, you have to get used to it.
2 - The microphone's quality for recording voice of video is not that good. Most of the time you have trouble understanding what people said during watching the video or hearing the voice file.
3 - The red key is harder than the green button when you press it!!! I tested some other 6670s and they all had the same problem.
4 - Lens cover is not changable, so you always have to watch out for it to not get scratched.
5 - The audio output for ringing tones is rather week, specially when you assign MP3 files as a ringing tone. You may use the vibrating alert for not having missed calls.
6 - The on/off button is very hard to press. I prefer not to turn off my phone sometimes!

But anyway, I like my phone and prefer it to any other phone. If you don't like the shape of it, go for 7610. It's a bit more expensive, but it has a better style.
Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens & other brands suck! Just go for Nokia. You won't be disappointed.


Well it's a great phone but there's no radio on it heared that you can download the software if anybody can help me in this supject i'll be gratfull, Thanks...

  • Inderjot

I recently got nokia 6670 after purchasing i came to know its sound is mono i was very disaapointed but i downloaded mp3 player 2.20
with stereo sound and sound output is now great
My freind has nokia 6630 and sound of
nokia 6670 is not lessser than it.
So all those who have nokia 6670 can install this software and enjoy great sound

  • tarun

Its a smartphone.I like its features as well as a design.Its the second best phone to buy after Nokia 6600.

  • Ben

Ahmed. All you need to do is use your USB cable and transfer your MP3 files to your phone using the Nokia PC Suite program.

Jordan. I don't know if you can have your messages automatically go to the memory card. Your immediate option to my knowledge which also may be to yours is to mark the files and move them into a folder allocated on your memory card.

Other than that folks I will be posting my review for this phone very soon. If anything you can also find me at

Enjoy your 6670's!

  • ScorpionEAX

This is a great phone with Symbian OS. Can play MP3 as well only its sound quite slow.So when we talk about Symbian that means we can install whatever application we want in that phone and the application must be Symbian platform or Java.It was a great phone althought the standard package doesnt have much but who cares when we can install new aplication according to what we desire right? My phone with MMC 128 MB still not full with application even I install 20 MP3 plus 31 other Symbian application on that phone. Great features, I've installed BlackBaller on this phone and it works fine. This application can block all calls and SMS in your blacklist directory and even private number this program can block.Futhermore you can also install AutoLock keypad so that the keypad will automatic lock by your time setting in second.So that is why Nokia dont put everything including Autolock keypad because they know we will install the application what we want later.By the way the JAVA games also a good like console.I've install Splinter Cell,V-Rally,Colin McRae 2004 Rally,Pacman,Doom etc. and it just work fine. You know sometimes this phone is similar like N-Gage QD because what N-Gage can install, this phone can install too.Cool.

  • the lost one

quickword only allows u to view a word document. a bit of dissappointment. i wonder if a mobile can do that.

  • nw

looking at buying this ph. Features I'm after is MS office docs. I want to keep notes and detailed memos. Was also looking at the Panasonic X700 opinions please?

  • ned

help! Looking at getting this phone. Can you both view and edit quickword, quicksheet, quickpoint on this phone? - correct email address on this post!

  • Rotary

anyone......please help...........does anyone know if there is any better converter out there..?? Im currently using smartmovie converter...but the result was poor(partial of the screen get pixelated)...but my friend's video was fine........i need another converter...please help..!!!!

  • ned

help! Looking at getting this phone. Can you both view and edit quickword, quicksheet, quickpoint on this phone?

  • Ayesha

I just got this phone yesterday! Its heaps wicked...

  • lucas

What games does this mobile have?

  • nahid

hi dears.i don't know how can i lock my mobile set?plz tell my.i read all of its catalog .but can't undrestand

  • Ahmed

i just got this phone , and i dont know how to put mp3 on it , plz someone help ...

  • Kerry

I bought this phone yesterday and I am definately impress. A few cons though: 5 way nav button is awkward and I've got tiny fingers. Also I'm not too technical and I've had to phone the helpdesk at least twice to figure out the basics for bluetooth and info copying. Great variety of themes and ringtones available to download which helps you to not get bored after a while. From RSA and minimum retail price is ZAR3000. Thats about $452. A bit pricy down here, but well worth it!

  • YanG

i just bought this phone..i i just know that the 5 navy key button really not comfartable..espcially u want to press left right,up or down its hard to press cause when like u wanna press down..if your finger is big u will click the middle key...if nokia company would change tis..this phone would better than 7610

  • Kareem Hamed

Well, just bought it, wonderful phone actually, i know it's cons beforehand that is:

1. It doesn't contain an infradred port.
2. Mp3 quality is not very good, but acceptable.
3. No FM Radio, and there is no software for it, it's a hardware anyway, may be via GPRS or internet, and the FM Radio handsfree doesn't work on it.

But really the pros. are:

1. Great screen, size and colors.
2. Great camera Actually.
3. Excellent size, although it looks big, but really it isn't.
3. Great shape, classic and stylish, This depends anyway, but i like this style.
4. The Quick word, Excel, powerpoint actually disappointed me a little, it takes time to load and the view is not clear enough, but it's not a computer anyway.
5. Battery is very Good.
The keypad, Not very comfortable, but Not very bad as well.
6. The flexibility in the memory is great feature, it was one of my assets in purchasing a phone.
7. The pc suite software let me move all my contacts and calender from the previous phone Nokia 6610i, but i couldn't move the messages, i think because this is Symbian, and the other is Nokia software, I think i'll go for another software for this issue

I'm from Egypt and it costs here about 415 US $, but i got it from UAE with about 325 US $.

Best Regards.

  • Allan

Got the phone a week ago , java is a bit slow to open and the buttons are small for big fingers ., but its a good phone one of the best