Nokia 6670

Nokia 6670

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  • nomi

There is something wrong in the information. Right from the begining it was written in the specs that this phone has 40 MB built in memory, but now when its out in the market the specs are changed to 8 MB from 40 MB.
Can anyone please tell me its exact internal memory capacity coz i had sold my only one month used 7610 and ordered this one only because of its 40 MB memory capacity.

  • eureka

something is wrong with phone specs, 40mb shared memory?

  • Roshan Rajeewa

Nokia 6670 is phone or superb computer. Oh!god........

  • Anonymous

Nokia the phone looks good, for me i like it. why do you compare it to the 7610 ? is it because it has got the same form. the 7610 is made as a Fashion phone and it looks great. this one is made for business, and as a business one it looks fine ;)

  • ik

6670 is ok by me

  • Gunner

dear lyn... u can use bluetooth or USB data cable which i believe will b bundled with. if u dunno, feel free to drop me an email

  • NightX

Guys You cant afford this phone, period !!

  • lyn

i'm used to transferring files from my phone to pc through infrared. but since this one doesnt have one, how do i transfer my files? likes pics, audio files, etc. i know i have to use a data cable. but do i have to have the nokia pc suite in the computer? or can i just plug in the data cable and drag files from drive to HD?

  • kate

I like this look cute lolz..but the best idea is you maybe should support for some price .....I heard it arond €400-€500. If you have exactly its pirce please sent it to my email because I would like to have one ( maybe 2) thx

  • mystic

congratulation nokia designers. you realized ugliest cellphone of the world.
bad keyboard. bad navigation button.don't waste your money.

what if they change it? have you checked out the silver one? do you think the 7610's keyboard is better? well, i think it ain't. this one is nore practical, more ergonomic, more useable. don't ge me wrong the 7610's keyboard is fine. it's just that the keys are different sizes so it makes it harder to txt they are also unusually arranged. only one thing makes this phne seem ugly. that's the choice of colour.the silver one i think is good. think of a yellow 7610. hideous don't you think. same case with fella. bad colour choice from nokia. let's hope the release one's a better colour combo

  • sabri özarslan

Congratulation nokia designers. You realized ugliest cellphone of the world.
Bad keyboard. Bad navigation button.Don't waste your money.

  • ask42face

i want to buy it

  • V525

Hi, Plamen, the distinct feature of 6630 is 3G with WCDMA, 1.3 mega pixel. 6670 is without WCDMA and 1.0 mega pixel.

  • Plamen

I don't see any difference between this and 6630.Is it needful?

  • Anonymous

eeel~ gross!! what a disgusting freak!!!

  • Butzu

WHAT'S THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN THIS AND 7610?I've just buy the 7610 2 weeks ago and now this?The market is moving too fast,too manny good phones,allmost everyday a new phone is out on the market.I think I will wait the D500 from Samsung it has very nice features

  • ZyreX2112

anyone knows if this phone had a stereo mp3 player???

  • Anonymous

i agree with you

  • Pikao

Bad design. ugliest phone in the market!!!!

  • Starling

it,s good but i want to know its price