Nokia 6700 classic

Nokia 6700 classic

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  • Temmytyline

Please I need this phone urgently for my mini-sim card. Or any phone that uses a mini sim card. Kindly contact if available. Thank you

  • Anonymous

I want to this phone

  • Badut

I still have this phone, purchased in May 2010. I love its design and simplicity. I did not use a phone cover back then; I used it for 2 years and it was still in good condition when I upgraded to a smartphone. I am keeping it properly with all accessories (and the battery taken out, kept separately) so I can use it again in the future.

  • Sammy

Gurmel, 09 Dec 2019Nokia 6700 classicIt should come back to the market, I'm ready to buy it again

  • Gurmel

Nokia 6700 classic

  • Nidge

Bought this phone second hand 2 months ago. Absolutely fantastic phone! Fits in the pocket without even noticing it, great camera, great call quality and aesthetically very pleasing. If you do not want a smart phone and want something that can be carried around without an unsightly bulge in the pocket then this is the phone for you. Internet is there for emergencies and if you really need Facebook etc then they are there too. Highly recommended!

This phone has not depreciated as much as other Nokia phones.

  • AnonD-716026

Most overrated Nokia S40 phone of all time!

  • M

Sayyad, 05 Jul 2017Dear All, I want to buy a brand new Nokia 6700 Classic Gol... moreDon't buy gold major signal problem . I have had 3 of these phones silver is fine but the gold has no signal when using in the the same place same network etc etc heard other reports stating the same problem

Tutul, 29 Jan 2009why wi-fi is missing?Because 99% of S40 phones don't have it! And 99% that do are QWERTY phones! Besides, the internet is useless on this phone nowadays!

  • Sayyad

Dear All,
I want to buy a brand new Nokia 6700 Classic Gold mobile phone.
Please suggest if anyone has the new phone so that I can contact them and buy ASAP.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2016Basically a Nokia X2-00 with 3G supportdude, this one is way better than the x2-00

  • ukbrian

In answer to the person who wanted to transfer pictures. Install "Nokia Suite" v3.8.
Then connect via USB. The software allows transfer of all the phone info, messages, music, contacts and pictures.

  • Pink Panther

Can you please help me with my Nokia 6700 Classic photos. I wish to transfer them to my pc. I have a usb inserted to both ph. and pc. The pics are not reaching pc/ picasa Why not?

  • Anonymous

Basically a Nokia X2-00 with 3G support

  • JmBrown

Was this handset able to make it here in RP ?

  • Mayri

Wonderfully mighty Easy to use. Am looking for à New one

  • Nand kishor

this is Phone Is good I am Very Happy

  • meme

Kale, 03 Oct 2015Does this phone work in USA ? Kalenah, it only works in glasgow in scotland! Nokia decided that to make a phone that works outside of Scotland would be pointless as nobody on the planet uses their phones apart from thon scotts

  • Anonymous

It is a good phone.But i I can not use Bluetooth in my phone.