Nokia 6730 classic

Nokia 6730 classic

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  • suna

No flash/video 15fps and 2.5 mm jack... disappointed with these spec....

  • asad

phone look is pretty cool but the internal memory is pretty less nokia should made phnes wid beautiful look and offer large capacity of internal memory

  • Anonymous

This fone aint to bad if u compare with the other bland looking crap from nokia. =/ why cant they make somthing that look stylish? =/

  • iolo003

wow, 10 for the design.. nokia really poke it out with the design department lately with amazing styles gunned. kudos!

  • Mustafa

Just get the n79 instead

  • ready2strike

Tequila, 29 May 2009There is GPS in the phone ready2strike.yeap sorry, i missed it and figured it out after a couple hours later, thnx :)

Latest comment: "There is GPS on the phone alongside a-GPS feature."

  • Ball Greezy

What it do playas?
I ain't hatin on Nokia or something but one thing is clear as someone previously said...Nokia manufacturers plese stop doin the same design phone with a little bit of changes...Make them more stylish and appealing to the customers otherwise ppl will cop other type of phones...Even the OS been the same for years in NOKIA's getting annoying after a PLEASE NOKIA MAKE SOME UPGRADES !!!Don't go on the saying " Quantity not Quality " cuz it won't work... Cheers my ladies and dudes

  • wlk

Bored phone again.Nothing special.

  • Zobi

Is good but I prefers NOKIA 6700 classic sleek metal body and 5MP

  • Tequila

There is GPS in the phone ready2strike.

  • Adrika

Hai everyone, pls tell me is this phone is good with all qualities

  • eugen_e30

This is the successor of 6124, like 6124 was the successor of 6234. I just can't wait to see it on the market, but i've got to decide which phone i'm gonna buy: 6730 or HTC Magic, these two Vodafone exclusive phone.

BMW E30 4ever!

  • rahul

descent phone..

  • ready2strike

take N79's design (sugar and freshness) and 6220 classic's name (water and egg), mix them together, add a 3.2mp af cam but no wi-fi or gps (they taste nasty, no way to include), finally a 2.5mm jack as a candle aaaaaand here is your brand new Nokia 6730c for your newly started diet(!) cake. :)

Actually as users/customers, we would like to see more sophisticated designs. We don't deserve standard designs anymore, do we? Either Nokia or SE, look at your portfolio and count how many differently styled products have you got there? Are those reflecting who you are guys? I know, you know, everybody knows that you can do better, stylish, handy mobiles. But i'm afraid you just don't want to. What can I say, it's your choice. No hapiness, no customer...

I think I wrote too much as I'm a little bit full of disappointment in here but come on, who isn't? :)

  • galoree

is this a little uprade from 6260c..shame nokia.its looks a recyleable from previous phone..

  • Bling

Nokia has hundreds or thousands of engineers and all they come up with is that old phone, already seen many times in the Nokia portfolio...Shame, maybe they should work a little bit more.
Nokia going down fast !

  • arief

wanna have this phone soon.. :D

  • Anonymous

nothing unusual