Nokia 6820

Nokia 6820

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Wow, fantastic design from Nokia!

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    • Anonymous
    • Sq1
    • 26 Sep 2022

    best phone

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      • Simsomp
      • vV5
      • 02 Nov 2019

      thierry, 14 Apr 2004should i buy this handphone?? or wan 2 wait till the next ... moreI like this phone because very pretty for my heart....

        Wait, this can record video? :o

          It is very identical software-wise (apart from the QWERTY keyboard that rotated the screen) to the Nokia 7250i.

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            • cainman33
            • jK{
            • 22 Nov 2016

            puneeth, 10 Jan 2016How can I get through internet on this nokia 6820 ?This phone use old 3G data technology that is out dated that is no longer supported for internet usage the internet back in the early 2000's that was used was called WAP and it was your carriers water vary watered down internet experience it was basically used for downloading you ringtones from way back when so to answer you question it doesn't have internet anymore the phone is a great messaging phone for teens and young children now days

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              • puneeth
              • uti
              • 10 Jan 2016

              How can I get through internet on this nokia 6820 ?

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                • heyna
                • iL7
                • 11 Feb 2015

                Has it got software so I can write notes on it? Thx

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                  • Yesterday Finn
                  • pd7
                  • 18 Oct 2014

                  Anonymous, 22 Sep 2014It is still one of the best mobile phones ever. I have it i... moreNokia 6820 sms-phone is just perfect: very small, durable, touch sensitive lighted keyspad, long operating times, quality hinges and battery cover etc. Still going strong. The teens with skateboards in train: "Hey, what´s that? ... Super!!". I do have these new ones, too - but this is my choice for reliability.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 35p
                    • 22 Sep 2014

                    It is still one of the best mobile phones ever. I have it in my collection, and i like it very much.

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                      • avin
                      • vNN
                      • 31 Oct 2013

                      oh, how i miss i, my lost lover

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                        • __crazy_t_rex__
                        • 0FI
                        • 27 Mar 2013

                        I still owe it,

                        by looks its full of wear and tear, scratches, dirt ..etc
                        by performance as same as new, battery life also as good as new

                        I simply love it.

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                          • Coso
                          • 8yU
                          • 29 Jul 2012

                          I love this phone

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                            • akire eam
                            • t7S
                            • 03 Sep 2011

                            ahm where can i buy a housing or case of 6820a?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vw6
                              • 01 Aug 2011

                              peewee, 01 Jun 2011I have the 6820 from O2 in uk. Can I use this in the USA [ ... moreyes

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                                • peewee
                                • mxc
                                • 01 Jun 2011

                                I have the 6820 from O2 in uk. Can I use this in the USA [ Texas area]?

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                                  • raj
                                  • 2T2
                                  • 26 May 2011

                                  the phone is so nice and it very easy to connect to the net but i cant get the panel for this where can i get it

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                                    • d.a
                                    • LKm
                                    • 19 May 2011

                                    had dis phone almost 8 yrs now,need 2gt another 1 but i hav searched d whole of

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                                      • AnonD-4547
                                      • JCf
                                      • 24 Mar 2011

                                      i have this phone now and have had it 4 a wile its great apart from ring tones boring cause they polyphonic

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                                        • JJG
                                        • Iat
                                        • 17 Mar 2011

                                        i need software for this phone; i have tried connecting to my pc via usb port but its not recognised. anyone out there who can please tell what i can do.may be i am using the wrong cable i don't know...?