Nokia 6822

Nokia 6822

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  • NokiaSUX
  • S1x
  • 08 Jan 2005

WTF???Why is TFT 65k when u cant see it 128X128???

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    • mm$
    • 08 Jan 2005

    it just looks like the last 1

      • H
      • Hunter
      • mt4
      • 08 Jan 2005

      What the Hell is whit the 3.5 mb of memory??????Why didn`t they put 1 mb of memory????It would be way cooler than 3.5mb.Nokia.....U just can`t do better than this JUNK...Ha?Junk.

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        • Pikao
        • P7v
        • 07 Jan 2005

        NEW??????????????? IN WHAT???????????

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          • Tim
          • U2R
          • 06 Jan 2005

          The specs are way to crappy to be a high end phone, this has to be the next $200 - $300 phone. If it is that price, than it's ok, but even then you could just get an old model phone cheaper that does more.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • mni
            • 06 Jan 2005

            Is this new are you sure ???

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              • unknown
              • TSQ
              • 06 Jan 2005

              i'm still don understand why nokia phones function keep worst and worst...

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                • nokia skcus
                • iyr
                • 06 Jan 2005

                great!great !great!!!!! another phone with technologie of does a really good job it made a new phone exactly the same as the one i had five yars ago.It supports the outstanding resolution of 128+128 pixels and a great vga camera. i think it is the best antique you can find in stores in a price of nowdays .a really legendary phone

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                  • Ike M
                  • UFy
                  • 06 Jan 2005

                  So how many of your knobs have actually bought this phone and used it?
                  The 6820 has been an outstanding phone over the past year since i bought it. I suppose you all use the standard T9 predictive texting on one hand like everyone else does... Why not be different and get off the mainstream. You guys suck. Another legendary Nokia phone.

                    • t
                    • tarpan
                    • P@L
                    • 06 Jan 2005

                    Not bad indeed. old wine in new bottle. everyone has to realise that not ALL people on the planet want MMC card, Mp3 player or bigger display. Probably will be a budget phone , which will help nokia sell in big nos. Ideal again for mass markets.....and not techno savy folks.

                      • s
                      • shabbarak
                      • in{
                      • 06 Jan 2005

                      oh no not again

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                        • good guy
                        • iFs
                        • 05 Jan 2005

                        wats the difference ... just keyboard layout ....nookia is being crap

                          • R
                          • Rizu
                          • PVe
                          • 05 Jan 2005

                          Nokia u people r very very very very very very very late go for real produce some 256k color screen i m sick of this same old design.

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                            • Loreto
                            • TS8
                            • 05 Jan 2005

                            Very Easy for Nokia...add a 65k display to the 6820...Good but they should have done that to the 6820 itself...Too late now..But even then a good mobile when compared with the competition...Has some good features which some people will like...But now a days most people expect a lot from a an MMC card,MP3 player,Symbian OS,Bigger Display..So still a not a complete mobile..

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                              • Leonard
                              • SqA
                              • 05 Jan 2005

                              This is a good looking phone with decent possibilities.

                                • C
                                • Canderous
                                • F4p
                                • 05 Jan 2005

                                Yeah first!Another crappy rehashed nokia phone.