Nokia 6 (2018) impromptu photo shoot surfaces

Peter, 04 January 2018

It’s happening tomorrow – HMD will unveil the new Nokia 6 (2018). TENAA posted photos of the phone in a controlled environment, now we catch a glimpse of the handset in the wild.

Nokia 6 (2018) in the wild Nokia 6 (2018) in the wild Nokia 6 (2018) in the wild Nokia 6 (2018) in the wild
Nokia 6 (2018) in the wild

With the screen on, you can see the new, thinner bezels more clearly. The new Nokia 6 is shorter than the old one while having the same screen (in terms of size and aspect ratio). Of course, this means that the fingerprint reader moved to the back. There’s a good distance between it and the camera, which is what we like to see.

If you check the date on the screen, you’ll see these shots were taken yesterday (it’s probably a review unit).

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Reader comments

looks like 16:9 bezelless master race is about to start

Good mid range specs. Love the fact it is a bit smaller and those coloured accents are a really nice touch. HTC use to do that around the camera module. Legendary Nokia toughness, i think it looks stylish.

  • AnonD-237083
  • 04 Jan 2018
  • PA7

A bit disappointed with the bottom bezzel, lenovo still can place a home button/fingerprint sensor with that bezel, its happen with their zuk edge.

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