Nokia 7110

Nokia 7110

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AnonD-754294, 30 May 2018browser ???????????????????????????First phone with WAP

  • AnonD-754294

Stryker Enigma, 21 May 2018I 'm getting this phone sometime this week. I've seen re... morebrowser ???????????????????????????

  • Stryker Enigma

I 'm getting this phone sometime this week.

I've seen reviews of this phone, you just don't see phones like this anymore.
It's almost as if everybody has forgotten the 90's.

Smartphones today are simply clones and are just boring and without character.

  • Gee

I still have my original one and every now and then i get it out of the box plug the battery in and boot it up and this is on it's original charge from 10 year or more. they don't make them like they uses to.

  • AnonD-749055

Still using this phone to this date, purchased second hand in late 2000.

  • AnonD-747082

Macbeth, 11 Mar 2018Wait, when was this released???It was released in 1999.

Wait, when was this released???

  • AnonD-734734

I had this phone for a while and although it felt huge, it was my first foray into the world of 'WAP phones'!!! I was simply amazed that this phone could use the internet!!!

Great phone and awesome green metallic like colour!!!

  • AnonD-701699

Received notification from network provider that they are taking their 2G network down March 2018. Not happy as 2G has been reliable and I am sceptical about 3G & 4G coverage in NZ.

  • AnonD-424566

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2016You can get them both on eBay and Amazon... Some are far ch... moreThe phone will be rendered useless by 20/20,all 2g networks will no longer be, that's Technology for you I'm afraid!

  • AnonD-648649

This was the one of the best phones I've ever had. It made you feel like a CEO even when I was a student. It made you feel like king and heads turn whenever flip out this awesomely beautiful and manly phone. I wish they can remake this thing like they did with the 3310.

  • Rajeev


  • Anonymous

AnonD-557498, 07 Jul 2016 help me find and get this phone please!!!You can get them both on eBay and Amazon... Some are far cheaper than others mind you. Many second hand phone shops will also have a handset or two if you look hard enough!

  • AnonD-559034

i have one.good phone.a little big but good.

  • AnonD-557498

help me find and get this phone please!!!

  • giorgos

very good

  • een

PIN: 3760 8147713 Greate phone

  • AnonD-417504

My first "smartphone" back in 2003. But mine was the TDMA version, called Nokia 7160...

  • AnonD-407589

Incorrect, sir. The term 'smartphone' was in use many years before the ability to access Wi-Fi came to the mobile phone. What defined this as a smartphone, was it's ability to access a limited form of the internet, via WAP (Wireless Access Protocols, if I remember correctly...) and have downloadable content. Though this was very limited, as I recall. Stuff like ringtones, as opposed to proper Applications. A true smartphone was considered to be able to download Apps, so i'm not sure if it would count as the first, but definitely more advanced than previous phones...

  • Anonymous

averhielle, 09 Jan 2015the first smart phone ever!a smartphone is a phone that can connect to a wifi network. this is not a smart phone