Nokia 7200

Nokia 7200

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  • Anonymous

hmmm Big change wonder how it looks when its opened

  • unknown


  • evirob

hi i'm a se user but i think some of u have mis-read or misunderstood some data... it has TFT, 65K color graphic, n a camera... Integrated digital camera VGA (640x480) with video...... i think most of u who have a displeasant feel of the hp is perhaps the cover...(n the brand)

  • ola ta sfazw

The screen is the same with 6230..I think it O.K. for this size...

  • Anonymous

the screen is very very small. besides, producing flip phones that show Nokia has no more idea designs, just copy from Z1010 and Z600

  • halli


  • ME

TFT 65k Colors.

  • Beth

Hi Rew while i believe that everybody likes different things. Only mad Nokia fans could think this phone looks nice. As i said before old London bus seet covers. Lets be honest here it is not one of there better looking phones.

  • Anonymous

One thing I'm sure of is that I am not gonna let my senses experience this thing.

  • Rew

Nokia 7200 will have 65k colours. Look at Nokia Asia:

"Let your senses experience the new Nokia 7200. Its tasteful design is a sight to behold even before it unfolds. Feel its new, sensuous textile covers, which are as changeable as your moods. Hear its siren call as it unfolds to reveal its many artful features such as VGA camera, up to 65,536 colors active TFT main display and integrated stereo radio.",,48214,00.html­­

  • Mark LV

This is a piece of shit, which is all Nokia can make these days. NEVER buy another Nokia!!

  • poo

What a shite phone we need to nuke nokia and there dam stupid afganistanian designers or where ever there from.

Gay fu*k weeds

  • kofsikof

LMMFAO!!!! Looks like a lady shaver. This fon is so gay looking the half is enuf. WTF r they thinking ? lame act nokia.

  • ian

nokia is using animal skins for the new models people beware !!!!

  • louise

looks good

  • cOw_keEper

wOw.. flip phone from nokia.. but colour only 4096 ... the design look like make from snake skin

  • BOOM

the people who designed these 4 new nokia phones (this one included) are tadpole brained faggots who do not have any more good ideas

  • Bergdorf Goodman

Zink! zoink!

Bergdorf Goodman make some space on your shelves, you'll want to stock this luxo-puppy!

  • Beth

can some one tell me why Nokia are now puting old bus seat coverings on phone? (next they will make one that looks like a fuzzy dice)

  • Chemical

Is Nokia so desperate??? I love folder phones (i have one now), but this is one of the ugliest things i've ever seen