Nokia 7210 Supernova

Nokia 7210 Supernova

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  • sam David

hi everybody, i am using 7210 from past 4 months its very very good.......... its head phone, sound effect is superb...... n its very stylish, I LOVE 7210....... its the best phone i hav ever used......... one of NOKIA s best products........... LOVE U 7210........


this phone is good its sound quality is excellent and i love this phone

  • Sagar patney

It a value for money phone ,it gives best internet features like youtube strmn,internet radio,photos upload to web these features r only avail. in phones priced above 10000 its exp to 4 gb yes i have a 4 gb card in it and works fine. edge is also there which is 2.7G just .3G difference from 3G ,camera is good and so is d btry,its a slim but powerful and a cheap phone. Do buy it.

  • Twinkle

its really a nice slim phone with good sound quality

  • itrat

Hello frndz, I want to buy this mobile for my girl frnd. And now i want to know that this mobile is good or no for gift. I see many comments about the low battery of this mobile. So what can i do? I have to buy seperate battery? If yes than which battery??

  • Anonymous

"i lyk to buy that one too,although i have already a cp i want to buy that too....

  • Vengudu

Too power battery and sound. Low level applications… Its one of nokia’s worst products…

  • jk

it is a good phone battery is also good light weight with affordable price

  • nagsen

update price every month

  • Anonymous

Good phone

  • lucky

the main problem with this cell is its hang a lot

  • malu

its battery bach up is very poor...but its stylish and light weight

  • q

i have a 6300. the battey is so not good. so isent it to nokia care. they replaced something inside and now its better than brand new. i got the repair for free since mine is still under warranty. bad side is, i got my phone after 3 weeks. i suggest you to send it to nokia care

  • Anonymous

good phone features but poor sound

  • Uvarajan

many thanks for your comments, i am reviewing my option on buying this set, after reading th comments

  • fanna

if we take it 2 nokia care will thy change the battery? n gv us a new one

  • hh

Naba, 28 Jul 2009i want to send its battery to museum....tq nice comment

  • Monix

Battery is like any other cell phone.
It is a good, slim and light weight cell with most of the feature and really affordable price

  • Monix

Battery is like any other cell phone.
It is a good, slim and light weight cell with most of the feature and really afordable price

  • abcd

very nice phone...