Nokia 7210 Supernova

Nokia 7210 Supernova

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  • Ria

I want to buy this Nokia 7210.I liked the look. Can any one tell me how is the performance of this phone?

  • Param

ADJ, 18 Apr 2009This phone gets warm very fast and the battery runs down like no... moreHi, I too have bought a new 7210 only 4 days back and face the same low battery problem and warming up of the phone after speaking for a while. Battery goes down even with only the basic useage of talking. Can anyone advice me too to solve this problem? Will Nokia give a replacement battery of better backup capacity? If so, what is the procedure? Please mail me at Thanks, Param.

  • melay@hahn

that phone is cute, but hopefully i can get one in an affodable price... really like it!!!

  • patrick

i actually use this for almost 8 months, and the features, still great, like.. my music player, i love the sound quality. But for me, since i bought it, the camera is so bad, coz, its only have 2megapixels, it would be better if you would choose a handset with 3.15MP etc...

But still, i love this phone.. good job.. nokia..


  • WtF

it's has the best keypad i've ever used even faster and more comptable than my 3120 classic's or the 6300i

  • Orlic

you know who, 23 Jun 2009Camera is quite good. But some internet applications like opera,... moreHad d same prob b4.Check ur int settings n activate ur internet connection as d default 4 apps.

  • you know who

Camera is quite good. But some internet applications like opera, nimbuzz, and ohter chat programs not working.

  • umaiz

i want to to install movie maker
in my box would i done it


battery is to bad features is to good insted of rates


this battery is to bad other features is good comparison of rate is not good or bad


all the mobiles havin camera: have very low battery life........... can anybody let me know what is the normal battery life of this mobil----nokia 7210
on email:

  • Taposh

I've been using this phone for 6 & music good but battery life is bad.
The weakest casing ever.Nokia should maintain their durability reputation.

  • rinku

wat's abt key pad???

  • Anonymous

this phone is good the problem is the keypad

  • Philip

salman, 20 Jun 2009Sometime if i take pictures from camera the mobile frie... moredude give the storage of photo in the memory chip then it will be fine however ph mem is 30 mb and exp upto 4 gb ....

  • Philip

kc/siliguri/india, 21 Jun 2009i want to install real player software to my Nokia 7210 Supernov... moreno dude it is not possible as this is a s40 phone !!!
s60 phone have this facility

  • omer

i am using this mobile for past one week... the battery is leaking down so quicks.. its ending up in one day... give details how 2 regain it...

  • kc/siliguri/india

i want to install real player software to my Nokia 7210 Supernova, is it possible? how?

  • Anonymous

hey guys...i wana change my phone..lukin 4a nice phone in 5000-6000 range..plzz suggest me..

  • salman

Sometime if i take pictures from camera the mobile friends have same problem in nokia 7210.