Nokia 7210 Supernova

Nokia 7210 Supernova

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  • marvin

hi dis is a very fantastic fone

  • Anonymous

COOL design! But very regular phone...

  • Anonymous

this fone lukin great luv it but mite buy it 10 year lol

  • Chamon

OMG, have you guys seen the battery life?
I think the only great of this series is the colours...

  • Chamon

I like the slim... it's so thin :D

  • Roy

Running out of numbers? My Nokia 7210 came out a couple of years ago :P

  • Anonymous

I hope video 10 fps was an error. That's two steps backward, not one (being QCIF resolution already).

  • Eric

Why is the talk time only two hours? Is that a mistake on the specs? OR does the phone really suck that much.

  • prinny

2 hours?? you serious haha?

What's up with that

  • tomas

Talk time is magnanimous, you get a whole two whopping hours, must have a charger with in hand reach at all times.