Nokia 7270

Nokia 7270

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  • mc

Does this phone have a voice recorder like the nokia 6230?

  • David

i like this phone. the picture is clear and the shape looks great. and i only need to spend $40 so it was a great deal. if anyone is interested in buy this phone for onli $40 e mail me at if you are interested and i will answer all your questions

  • erm


'who' to buy this phone? please type properly.

  • lyes

hi everybody,can someone tell me who to buy this phone?i really want to buy one

  • reaperthedeath

This fone is just great.I've been using this fone ab 2 months.It's rigntones quality is perfect.7270 play aac very loud and interesting, plus, it's very stylish and comfortable.Moreover, it's headphone really incredible, sounds like a pro-mp3 player.The disavantage here is only the memory, only 20mb, no m-card.Anyways, i suggest u to buy this fone bc its price gonna stand longer than other nokia fones since it's specific

  • Ryan

Dear Sarah,
This phone in Serbia costs around 29380 Dinars, not 360 Euros. Let's say the things as they are. I would recommend Nokia 6170 or 6260 (if they exist in Serbia). They are more stylish.

  • red


i don't know. I am in contract w/ t-mobile USA and i want to buy an unlocked phone. t-mobile has *%@$ for phones!
I really, really like the n6170 but low memory is no good!
I kinda like the 7270 & I have a few ?'s:

how long capture video?
can u upgrade video pixel (photo acute?)
how sturdy is this phone.

I will continue to read reviews to learn more but i need help!


  • NanCy

hey ya'll.. i jus got this phone just resently and i think its a great phone! but movie quality isnt so great but still a great phone!!

  • blaat

don't buy it in singapore without a will be 880 dollars.. if u buy it with plan its like 500 dollars.. hehe :P

  • Yatsemeru

Expensive for its class range. And battery life is dissappointing. Having used a philips 650 and i know it's not fair to compare these two i'd say at the end of the day cameras, radios, games and stuff are all fancies that u'd probably play with when first got the phone but you'll find that perhaps practicality is more important than a fashion statement. And cheaper by half. Otherwise go for phones from other brands with the same fancy functions yet not so exorbitantly charged. I'm only saying that nokia thinks they're the market leader when it comes to phone innovation and design and can afford to price their products high just cause. guys to do some research and compare, functions for functions, price for price, before going out saying man i gotta have this phone and be blinded by just a pretty metal plate cover

  • Anonymous

For those of you looking for this phone in Canada we sell it. You can contact us at www.cellulartoyshoppe if your interested. We sell em for about $550 CDN at the moment. These are tough to keep in stock tho.

  • Anonymous

Well it US they are about $449. Maybe $350ish in Singapore

  • s

how much do you guys think this phone will cost in singapore? cheapest? without a contract? i mite buy it in july there...any ideas?

  • cody

at this moment i want to buy a nokia phone.and i'm really hesitating between nokia 7270 and 7160,can anyone help me with advice? i would really appreciate that

  • AranzA

I bought this phone last week and it looks amazing. It doesn't have bluetuoth, it's okay with me.. but I didn't like the quality of the video,, it's really poor,, the quality of the pictures is satisfactory,, the animated themes for the main and the mini dispaly are AMAZING!! Nokia 7270 does play mp3 and aac files. MY brother sent me a 1 MB mp3 file and N7270 played it. I'm not sure if I can receive bigger sized mp3 files,, I'll try anyway,,I live in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and I paied 1500 Dirhams (about $350 )! Great price.. Overall, I love this phone,, it's stylish and totally comfortable to use..



  • Sepehr

Please Someone tells me if this phone contains a MP3 Player or not.

  • talia

i want oune there stylish and cool

  • Mario_croatia

No, it isn't looks like because it made of steel...but it is is a great pleasure holding it, is powerfull fealing.

  • Sarah

I live in Serbia & Montenegro and here this phone costs 360euro. I'm about to buy it but it looks heavy. What do you people think?

  • ryan

darn, everything's good, design's really stylish but great pity about the bluetooth, and also an mmc or rs-mmc card slot..