Nokia 7270

Nokia 7270

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  • ^_^

haven come out yet maybe next week ...

  • Justin


  • phonnn

Another phone with imperfect created to suck consumer $ (no bluetooth)

  • Anonymous

Where can i find this phone in singapore?

  • Anonymous

hey!! this phone is really availble in singapore!!

  • baby

hi may i know how much is the price of this handphone is malaysia?thanks

  • Anonymous

this phone is available in singapore now, saw the commercial yesterday...

  • gary ashmore

i think its a lovely looking phone and funky but dosent have blue tooth other wise i would have been a customer dont understand that most phones are now with blue tooth why isnt all nokias blue tooth and cameras and video thats the way forward and make them slimline flip phones with titanian i would deff buy look at the motorola v3 design nokia will always be my top buy had alll sorts but nokia is deff the best just needs that futuristic look

  • dein

I will buy if it is megapixel with bluetooth.

  • FindUrself

ok..this phone looks great.Nothing much to say about this phone because it is cool and trendy.Buy Y cant they make it to a mega pixel camera??then i will buy it.

  • boby


  • Daniel

Hi, this is a cool phone indeed. For normal average user like me, who don't really "venture" software in phone would be sufficient> :)

  • jack

Hi, I like this phone too, cool. But kind of waste that it has no bluetooth. My personal opinion is that this phone looks cool compare to 6260 and 7200. :)

  • sara

Its fantastic

  • Jason

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  • nokia9500

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  • ron

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  • Anonymous

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  • nokia9500

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  • Jason

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