Nokia 7270

Nokia 7270

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  • vakho

hi all,

please inform where I can download free themes for my nokia 7270?

thank you in advance

  • meeeeee

black and red. the black one too dark. and theres no shinyness in the black one. >

  • Anonymous

the dark version or all black is better than the red and black version.

  • hmmm

really lacks features. got a phone like this before. then changed to sony ericsson :D

  • Lui

GOT this phone the first day it came out in asia(china) paid near USD $520.00 for my wife as a gift....( she just liked the look of the phone, never really care about other features,bluetooth.etc. the only thing thats great about this phone is that it respone super fast, like text message,.operating through the menu, etc like the nokia 6230, 6170..
After exactly a year,(3 days over a year) nokia will not repair the phone, both volume keys stopped working and no reception. sold it for about $80.00 and bought a sony ericsson 550C, this phone feels very solid, lots of features,bluetooth,infeRed,radio, VERY loud speaker. but respones slower then the nokia 7270.

  • hamma nasiru

the phone looks pretty good. after 3months of usage the back begins to slack and the menu button went dead on me, and thats the life of the 7270! most operations centralise around the menu button.

  • Anonymous

I love the memory capacity on this phone!! Bluetooth lacks but everything else is outstanding!! It is defenetelly worth the money! I strongly recomend!

  • abdul haseeb

Yeah, i am impressed by its design and features. But there is no Bluetooth. That's the only aspect where it lacks. Overall it's design describes its grace.

  • ks_loh11

hey i heard there is a new edition of the phone now, it's in all black!!! May i know where to buy the skin to change? how much it will be??

  • sunday

i have this phone and it`s very nice , but no bluetooth is bad . all in all it`s a very nice phone

  • Beauty Okorie

WOW!This phone is just too beautiful.I will like to have one of it.its nice!

  • ks_loh

hi, i saw pink comment say this phone can add on a bluetooth for extra 10 poun? how does it works? i was considering this n 7370....

  • george

i've had this phone for a couple of months now. i don't really like it. i miss bluetooth. the pictures are not as nice as some of the other phones out there and the video quality is lacking. one thing though: it is a pretty phone. good lucky trying to find the covers. i think the only place you can get it is ebay.


it is an ok phone but the reception does suck on this phone i had the 6101 and the reception was way better. you can not download ringtones from your service provider with this phone

  • duc

The reception on this sucker is horrible!

  • williams

i love the phone

  • williams

i love the phone

  • Anonymous

I have the nokia 7270 and so far i think its good. But when i bought it the back of the phone was slack and ther is no memory at all on the phone. The good thing about it is that it looks great. It has this unique design to it.

  • oyeyemi

My question is all about video recording on 7270, please educate me on the use of video if I can record images in action, let me know if I can record live events I did not understand my manual. thank you.

Oyeyemi Funmilayo

  • Anonymous

Hey, I just bought the 7270 and i am in luv with it! However, i find the back attachment of the unit is a bit slack, can anyone tell me if this is ok?