Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280

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  • pinky22

I have this phine since august last year and I don't want anything else yet!It is the best!Many wrote that there is no use to have it becouse of the lack of keyboard.Well,when i want to say smth I just make a call and say it!Let's communicate more and write less.

  • I

I love the 7280! It's sleek, sophisticated and stylish. I use the mirror finish faceplate to admire myself, and apply lipstick and mascara, and when I'm finished, it fits into my small handbag easily. The soft feeling of the navispinner is much more desirable than pressing buttons. Once you get to know this phone and its short cuts, you'll find it's technologically superior to current choices in the market, and easy to use.

  • N/A

how much are they selling the phone for.
yeh my mate had this phone and i had to text a messgae say "where are you " it took ages but its cute and reallly small and isnt annoying when you put it in pockets :)

  • veronica

i have a nokia 7280 and its awsome, i get comments all the time from people saying how cool my phone is..

  • malll

nice phone, nice look, slim
but dialing is the worst. you have to turn the wheel back and forth like old school dialing. Oh and text messaging... don't even get me started on that....

  • abc123

how canu txt in dis fonE??? i think it doesnt have keypad...

  • gede sunu

where i can get thiz fone in Bali??,,
I really want to have thiz fone..the design is funtastic,awful,not ordinary,with no alphanumerics,,very unique..
by the there want to sell this fone?? i will buy with high prize..serious!!

  • Simphiwe

Many people are still looking for this NOKIA7280 at the shops, BUT it is no longer in the market.
kindly provide us please in the market, is very much interesting.

Thank you.
Simphiwe (Ms)

  • Skipper

What is wrong with this phone

  • Phasekay

This phone could have been a super mp3 player but it fails because it lacks a card slot

  • Dani

Weird Phone, Nokia was very High when they were designing this one !

  • anne

is that a phone its so ugly.,.

  • samer

i wish to have this mobile
because its toooooooooooooo nice

  • flabba

Is there anywhere you can change the battery?

  • dony

You can write text messages on it and it has not much memory for an music phone, either when it looks like an music player its just a interesting looking phone...

  • Milan

well this phone is realy unuseful 4 writing mesage and taking a picture...but all other options are ok :-)

  • Anonymous

This is phone is not good no keypad so for all you fast typers out there do not get it

  • Anonymous

yeah i got this phone and i still do its people walk up to me when im on it talking or texting and "say danm man is that someting from out of a james bond movie?"

  • mobilagy

It's stylish, attractive, compact also practicable, but the only thing bothering me that till now i can't find if there is a way to capture video with it or it's really impossible ???

  • mark

man this 4nes tight, u sh'd get it, thought it disturbs in the first... 2-4dayz but gettin used to it is mob simple, its just too mush designer shiz guyz want to get it 4m me, damn!!!