Nokia 7.2 surfaces in more hands-on photos

Michail, 23 August 2019

Nokia 7.2 is coming in two weeks at IFA and the trickle of leaks is turning into a river. The latest one shows the final design of the device complete with a cyan paint job we haven't seen before.

We get another look at the waterdrop notch on the front while the back features a triple camera setup and flash housed in a circular array. The fingerprint sensor remains below the cameras.

Nokia 7.2 in Cyan Nokia 7.2 in Cyan
Nokia 7.2 in Cyan

According to past speculation, the Nokia 7.2 will come with a 6.2-inch FHD+ and thanks to a recent Geekbench test, we know it's packing the Snapdragon 710 chipset paired with 6GB RAM. This being a Nokia phone it's basically guaranteed to be part of the Android One Programme and run stock Android.

Nokia 7.2 surfaces in more hands-on photos

The Nokia 7.2 already passed certification agencies abroad and was even shown to media members at a Zeiss Group event recently. Given HMD is making its debut at IFA Berlin this year, we’re expecting to see the announcement of the Nokia 7.2 take place on September 5.



Reader comments

  • Jerry

What would b d price range?nokia 8.1 runs with a similar specs, apart from a few, ....

  • Anonymous

For circular camera island you can go back to 2003 with the Nokia 6600.. Nothing's done that Nokia haven't done before LOL

Fun fact: All the Nokia Lumia phones have a circular camera, and that was back in 2013 until the Lumia 650 in 2016. Nokia copying Huawei? Sorry, it's the other way around.