Nokia 7390 review: Fully loaded glamour

Ivo Mareček, 07 March 2007.

The non-OS Nokia phone with the richest equipment up-to-date is a highly stylish clamshell. The Nokia 7390 has 3G support, two colorful displays and an impressive 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus.

Key features

  • attractive clamshell phone of the fashionable L'Amour series
  • 3G networks
  • slot for microSD memory cards
  • two colorful displays
  • user interface S40 3rd Edition with active stand-by display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • stereophonic FM radio with music player
  • miniUSB system connector
  • a memory card with adapter as a part of the retail package
  • 2.5 mm jack connector for earphones
  • USB Mass Storage
  • external buttons

Main disadvantages

  • increased resistance of the functional part of the keypad
  • speaker uncomfortably located beneath the numeric keypad
  • no RDS in the radio
  • simple remote control
  • a slight time lag in phone reactions
  • minor issues with the phone software

01.jpg 02.jpg 11.jpg 05.jpg
Nokia 7390: you will not necessarily like it at a first glance

The phones of the L'Amour collection rarely provoke hesitation in who thinks of buying them. One either gets in love with their extravagant design, or remains overwhelmed, but also shocked by their sophisticated construction. It is sure that Nokia 7390 is not a love-at-first-sight phone. When we obtained it for testing, we were slightly reserved about its typical Nokia style. Within a week of using the phone, however, we think rather different: Nokia 7390 now seems to be a perfect combination of style and functional equipment.

Brilliant elaboration

It is when mobile phones are evaluated that their looks are the most ambivalent characteristic to describe. That is why we prefer only to state that the darker version of Nokia 7390 is probably also the least controversial one in the entire L'Amour collection. In the course of the discussions in our office some colleagues expressed the opinion that Nokia 7390 is not suitable for men; I cannot agree, though. Of course, a gentleman would hardly pull out a pink-white phone from his pocket, but the other version in bronze-black would surely suit both ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention that the device may also be used as a luxurious accessory with dark clothes.

03.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg
It could suit your T-shirt pretty well

A great part of the phone surface is made of plastic materials. Exceptions are the band around the external display, the silver line along the sides, the frame of the digital camera lens, which looks as if it’s made of metal, and the area covered with softer material for easier hand-hold on the rare side of the phone.

I myself was somewhat disappointed by the fact that Nokia had decided not to implement a button for automatic opening in Nokia 7390 like they did in the 6131 model. Nevertheless, the phone is not difficult to open thanks to its round edges: just stick your finger between both its parts and open up. On one hand it shows stronger resistance if compared to the competitors; on the other hand both the top and the bottom parts lock in their end positions pretty reliably.

10.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg
Size: made for a hand-hold

No pop-port

The elements located on the sides of the phone will hardly surprise Nokia fans. Yet, there is one specialty: the key for switching on/off the phone and for switching between profiles has been modified, so the old uncomfortable one frequently commented on in numerous reviews has become a tiny control element located on the left side of the phone, and working with it is a real pleasure.

08.jpg 09.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg
Functional key and Infrared port on the sides

Beneath the switch-off button you will see a slot for wireless Infrared communication and a charger port. Nokia 7390 uses the newer, thinner charger connector. The opposite side features two elements: a dual volume control key and a camera release button. By the way, it will probably be the release button of the built-in camera that will surprise you the most at first glance. It is extremely soft and easy to press and one immediately expects it to make a mess when the phone is in a pocket for example. It does not though. It has two press levels due to the autofocus photo function, so a light press does not lead to shooting; a picture is only taken by a stronger press on the release button.

26.jpg 29.jpg 23.jpg 30.jpg
The switch-off button and the charger connector are both on phone’s right side • miniUSB connector and a slot for the earphones on the top • a textile etiquette like on a T-shirt • the bottom is elements-free

The top side of the phone is the most interesting. Even though it lacks Pop-Port, it is still able to communicate with other devices in almost all existing ways. Nokia seems to have woken up lately and has finally started to equip it models with a miniUSB system connector. The advantages? Fast, extensive standard communication; what’s more, you don’t need to buy additional data cables as you could use the one from your camera or MP3 player. Nearby there is a 2.5mm jack connector for your earphones.

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  • 02 Dec 2012
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  • mimi
  • 10 Oct 2007
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pleaz i want to know how to use the second small camera on nokia 7390 thanks :)

  • mimi
  • 10 Oct 2007
  • mED

pleaz i want to know how to use the second small camera on nokia 7390 thanks :)