Nokia 7510 Supernova

Nokia 7510 Supernova

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  • Anonymous

ugly phone

  • mini

this phone looks nice :)

  • ram

Nokia 7510 Supernova Phone features and specs including

  • ram

The Nokia 7510 will be available towards the end of the year with an estimated retail price of 180. The 7310 includes a 2-megapixel camera with 4x digital ...

  • Anonymous

ugly as hell


Nokia has made again a useless phone wid folding its old model now plz wake up nokia i ll gurantee no 1 ll buy thiz phone bcz of it folding n its camera is jst 2 mega pixel if u wanna 2 make a good market wid it so jst have some gr8 work on thiz phone like thiz phone should be wid a bass reflexive headset and some special car charger...THANX

  • bebecutie

It's a cool phone but how come its not 3G?

  • Nelson

It will be another cheap phone to be released on PrePaid

  • Anonymous

very basic specifications; different design

  • as

is this really a mobile?

  • Chamon

Looks like SE Z-Series....

  • blq

design is SE w300i similar.

besides, i see no sense making this phone. there's no concept. no clue. no keynote.

  • Anonymous

the top part when opened reminds me of the n90

  • huhuhu

discovery, 27 Jun 2008nokia can't create a beautiful flip phone.... all nokia flip pho... moreyeah, i agree with that.. look at the 6600 fold.. ugly, ugly, and one more time ugly..

  • discovery

nokia can't create a beautiful flip phone.... all nokia flip phones are ugly

  • zeein

no one able to create the best clam cell better than moto....

  • brianne

my first comment is cool fone..

  • 1st! :P

goooosh, that is soooo ugly.. yeah, nokia really can't make beautiful phones ;//
sorry for my bad english

  • Ramster

Is this a brick or what? 124 grams is just to much.
You can buy a SE Z770 which is stylish, small, 3G and only 91 grams.

Please, Nokia - try again.

  • Anonymous

In terms of specifications this is a lot like the SE Z710 with a slightly bigger screen/LED.

But 15fps QCIF video is pretty embarrasing, this is 2008 not 2004...