Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia 7610 Supernova

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  • dodo

Thx guys I'll never think or dare to buy it!!

  • quillayute

can any one tell me the colours available...apart from red and black


hey this is really ,rocks ,battery is very god advance in tv output

  • hu ha!s in papa jack

hu ha!... i'm using my phone for almost 2 years and it rocks! hu ha!... until now everything works great except for the camera which is sensitive with regao light.. i mean i've got a blurred picture when i use it at night!!!!

  • alp

what is the os

  • Adhora

does it have videolight??????

  • Anonymous

well.... at first i was so happy!! because it was very good mobile phone..!! and also the mp3 player was very good the sound was clear loud but after few months.. the first problems has started... and i know a lot of people that this phone after few months it was not so good... ! really i was disappointed.. i was waiting morw from nokia... but its ok... now im looking forward for touchscreen nokia!!

  • Sachi

I have this phone one year today I only use it for a spare phone now cause i have the iPhone now :) BTW Im from the philippines.. :) but i bought my iPhone in japan i have to pay to have it open line (the iPhone)..I normally use it as my MP3 player my iPod hasn't been touched in months I like the music quality of this phone the camera is great (woot) 3.2MP but its a little sensitive i haven't drooped it yet.. :)

  • Sonu

yups !!
iTS A DAMN cool cell.
the colourise theme simply makes it elegant and you will definitely find popping eyes around you when U colourise theme. With this opt you can make anyyyyyy picture Ur theme so theres indefinite themes which U can acces.
moreover its mirror fish is quite addicting.
it comes with 3.2MP which takes gr8 snaps.the back cover xpress on covers are sizzlingly stylishhh.all u need is a bit of care and it will rock U "THE BEST PHONE FOR A TEENAGER " thats all wanna say

  • Anonymous

all U need is a little care and this will be the most fashionable cell U ever had .
any kind of rough handling can damage any mobile thats nothing new wid this phone.
So guys gear up for the style statement

  • Rex

The phone is quite good. It has vibrant display, although the mirror finish reduces visibility in direct sunlight. The 3.2 MP Camera is great with autofocus and dual LED Flash. It records videos at VGA Resolution(640x480) at 30 fps(Actually).It's got pre-installed Nokia Maps. Overall this is a good phone.
---------------I'm a user.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2010hi do we hv a built in key board in this phone ?? or we need to ... moreIt HAS a built-in keyboard but I'm afraid you have to slide the phone up every time you want to type.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2010I had this phone for a year and few months since when it got out... moreOh, and the camera eventually broke too. I can't picture anything right now (even if I sent this to the CareCenter) and it says 'Camera on standby' all the time.

And the 3.2 MegaPixels is WRONG. It captures low quality photos every time.

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for a year and few months since when it got out, so I can say.

First of all, the music keys broke on the first day of purchase. I thought it was a glitch that was going to be okay, but it wasn't.

Second, this phone gets LCD error and all it shows you is a blank screen if you tilt the screen EVEN JUST A BIT.

Third, the themes doesn't work. I mean, they do, but if the "Opening Memory Card" or any other pop-ups appear, the text color is not of the theme, but just a marine blue. It hurts my eyes if the theme I'm using has the color red.

Fourth, the internal memory isn't 64MB, it's barely 30MB.

Fifth, my phone gets LCD error every time I put an express-on housing so I have to tape the battery and use it without the express-on housing.

Sixth, IT DOES NOT COME WITH THE USB CONNECTOR. I had to get a memory card reader but once I got my 2GB Memory Card and downloaded all sort of stuffs there. After I inserted the memory card into the phone, my phone started to act funny, like shutting down on its own. Yes, I do suspect that it's a virus and I had to go to a Nokia CareCenter to have this fixed but when I got my phone, it still shut down on its own.

Seventh, THIS PHONE SUCKS. Let's face it. Most of us buy this phone because of its luxurious look. I didn't even look at the reviews and specifications, it's clearly my fault, but if I knew that my phone was going to be such a trouble, I wouldn't have bought it.

Eighth, this phone is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE. It gets scratch marks all over.

/DO NOT/ buy this phone.

  • khushi

total waste of money,buy it if u love to visit nokia centr evry othr week,as delicate as feathr...worst phone i bought till nw.

  • Anonymous

hi do we hv a built in key board in this phone ?? or we need to turn the slide up each time we wana sms ???

  • HnAw

Somebody have a vnes vampent working at cellphone? which version works??

  • Anonymous

i've got an 7610s and it don't starts at all....what could had hapend

  • Nadeen

i updtaed the software on my nokia 7610 supernova but now when i get a call the picture of that person is very small on the low right of the screen but before when someone called me i would get a full screen picture can someone help me and tell me how to get back the fullscreen picture thanx

  • murali

exellent job