Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia 7610 Supernova

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  • hira

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970its very gud

  • hira khi

it depends on the person who iz uzing the fone :p like im beautiful n smart so this fon must be....... ;)

  • hira

im using 7610, its very relaible

  • Dhiraj

Tanvi, 27 Mar 2009Is Nokia 7610 Supernova worth its Price - Rs. 11,000/-? The look... morenokia 7610 is utterly futile phone don't even try to compare with half price 'smartphone' even to nokia 6600 hardware is ok but operating system is awfull don't tink of buying it

  • Vinay

Overall its a Okay phone. Its more of a feminine design. Good for females- Sleek n Stylish. Lights are beautiful, screen quality excellent. Screen visibility is poor in out daylight. Sound quality is very loud but very clear also. Battery is average- needs daily charging even without listening to music. Camery quality is ok. Pictures look very good, sharp and clear on screen but gets hazy when transferred to computer.

  • angeljhen

Zoya, 31 Mar 2009hi Is USB Data cable Is Along with The Phone Or Not? Cos I Bough... morehi.. im still exploring my 7610 supernova.. and just like Zoya, I'm wondering why they didnt provide me the USB cable.. it is not in the package.. who experience the same? thanks..

perhaps, i would just buy bluetooth device to transfer my files..

  • melody

hmm.. this phone is bad if your past phones are better..
and vice versa..

that's why opinion differs from one another...

besides... all of these comments posted here are MERELY COMMENTS and are not official reviews..


  • melody

George, 06 Mar 2009Can you tell me if the text is big enough to read?the phone has reasonable size of font... small, normal & Large.. depends on how u define the word BIG! ^_^

  • melody

Nazia, 15 Mar 2009Im planning to buy this set-- Can any one tell me is it gud to b... moreit's how you use the phone..

  • melody

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2009wel the theme in this phone sucks. an how to change it there are many themes in the web available for these phone.. be patient and find one.. i'm making personalized themes.. :)

my theme is my own pic.. ^_^

  • melody

t suresh, 23 Mar 2009 Please don't by this phone. The battery drains very fast. Th... moreopinion came from past experience.. maybe you have a better phone before..

  • melody

krux, 25 Mar 2009uzzap is not supported for this phone..i try to download it and ... moretry to choose n7510s

they have the same software.. im using uzzap on my 7610..

java type..

  • melody

milez, 26 Mar 2009Problem with the 7610, when you personalize tones and display an... moredont press&hold the off button.. just press it once then select switch off..

  • jubelle

does the quality of the phone good??
reply please..


  • jed lim

hi! I've just finished updating the firmware of my 7610 supernova.. and it works fine.. it was 4.something before and i updated it to v5.72.. all works fine.. except for one thing I've noticed.. after i updated it, i tried the camera, and it has a violet shade on the bottom part.. it doesn't disappear! i am sure that it was never there before i updated it.. has anyone experienced this kind of problem before? please reply.. thanks! =)

  • wendy

i have one of these phone and it a great phone its uinique and very nice

  • Zoya

hi Is USB Data cable Is Along with The Phone Or Not? Cos I Bought This Phone From Nokia gallery And They Have Not Provided Me USB Data Cable So That I Can Transfer The Data So Pls Let Me Knw

  • runningdog

RJ soniya, 31 Mar 2009 helloo guys i wanna buy nokia supernovia 7610 but i dont if it ... moreyeah it's a beautiful girlfriend is presently using it and i must say that it is very nice. So you can go right ahead an buy it...aite RJ

  • RJ soniya

helloo guys i wanna buy nokia supernovia 7610 but i dont if it is the right phone--- please tell me all about it, good and bad things of it, i no that it has a great loud sound and i wanna no more
plzzzzzzzz be honest
i really apreciate ur help

  • julie

milez, 26 Mar 2009Problem with the 7610, when you personalize tones and display an... moreI don't have this problem. mine starts up with the same themes etc i put on it before turning off.