Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia 7610 Supernova

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  • Anonymous

Why no 3G? That's bad...

This phone looks so nice, but I can't use my USIM in a non-3G phone!!!

  • shujaa

hi n my question is thiz y nokia is releasing all thiz jerk phone?...y they r not concentrating 2 release a phone wid 10mega pixel so they can rock the world n can defend him frm sony ericsson but it should not b in the form of sliding phon it should b straight n whiout joypad so that u should love it n wid some lighter price then sonyericsson so that ppl should b attractive 2wards it n shall buy nokia brands only..THANX

  • rakeb

only 7610 good 7310 and 7510 an7210 this special issue ?why 7210 2mp

  • Anonymous

Nothing much revolutionary

  • morteza

it's exiting but no some thing new in designing from nokia,it look like others.
why no FM transmitter included??

  • rohan

it looks like very good device

  • Dani

Looks like a 6600 Slide with a Duvet Cover wallpaper and silver colour..

Nokia bad design and 'Supernova' LOL!

  • Anonymous

first good looking nokia, ill could buy dis 1


this is look are to good
but what is prise?

  • dudescrewed

What is special by giving a name as supernova?

  • Irfan Kundi

Good look.Only Small Screen is biting.if had 2.4 inch it would then a great.

  • Ryan

very smooth.

  • jimmy

its worst mobile of its kind

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2008only a 860 mAh battery?? are you kidding me??? which means 1 h talktime hahahahhah

  • Anonymous

Can't see any difference with 3610...

  • bob

very cool looking phone. shame the screen is so small, plenty of room left on the front for more. great minimalist design though.

  • Anonymous

only a 860 mAh battery?? are you kidding me???

  • tatuzz

This phone looks great!Too bad the screen size is only 2 inches.......

  • og

add 3g and it would be nice

  • Chamon

Nokia designers have so bad taste...