Nokia 7710

Nokia 7710

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  • Anonymous
  • X0$
  • 22 Sep 2013

where do i get its battery

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    • Anonymous
    • vws
    • 03 Sep 2013

    I am Using 7710 nokia but recently problem came a carry to service centre but there also not pecifying problem my feeling hard ware required pls advice

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      • Anonymous
      • S35
      • 30 Aug 2013

      its a good handset as compared to the lates one

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        • AnonD-163917
        • wHT
        • 11 Jul 2013

        where i can get this phone??

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          • Anilkumar
          • uuK
          • 04 Apr 2013

          Tridibesh, 25 Sep 2007Hi, I am still using 7710. This is my second one, which I h... moreI am using nokia7710 from may 2006 and still in good condition.

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            • rudolf betrunken
            • S65
            • 29 Dec 2012

            ultra lol 168mhz cpu and its suport flash player.

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              • Anonymous
              • 04W
              • 20 Nov 2012

              THE BEST PHONE EVER MADE!!!!! it has a cheap plastic build...extremely laggy operating system...locks up a lot...has very few features......???... wait...this can't be the best phone ever made... my mistake, sorry :|

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                • Rohitash
                • vGe
                • 03 Oct 2012

                best feature phone

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                  • sou
                  • 9xE
                  • 12 Sep 2012

                  suresh sharma, 08 Jun 2012i'm still using nokia 7710. itz a good phone , but for two ... more@suresh.. PDA of ur phone need to b changed..

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                    • booyah
                    • 2Av
                    • 14 Aug 2012

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                      • Manu
                      • 9DG
                      • 21 Jun 2012

                      Worst mobile ever used. As heavy as a heavy stone.

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                        • suresh sharma
                        • Mfq
                        • 08 Jun 2012

                        i'm still using nokia 7710. itz a good phone , but for two days don't know how but its touch screen is not responding can any one help me?????????????plzzzzzzzzzz

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                          • JUSTICE
                          • Gfu
                          • 04 Mar 2012

                          This phone is actually the first Nokia phone which had a touch can read more about nokia history at

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                            • AnonD-43449
                            • nMt
                            • 23 Feb 2012

                            Ramachandran, 11 Feb 2012I want 7710 panel urgenty required. Please send.Hello Ramachandran,
                            I have this lovely Nokia phone and I used it very little because I use 3G Usim cards with contract.
                            I have saved it jealously because it is a must have in hardware geek collection and for the fact that it runs also the popular Navigation system for mobile with Bluetooth SIRF STAR3 and I managed to upgrade the firmware through Nokia just because I bought it as it was a last one in a shop in Italy in 2008. I have all the original boxes, headphone charger 2 pens and wallet in A grade conditions. Also the original little slim mmc memory with holder.
                            Kindly write an email message with your further detailed questions if interested and I will answer.
                            Kindest regards,

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                              • Ramachandran
                              • Khr
                              • 11 Feb 2012

                              I want 7710 panel urgenty required. Please send.

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                                • ismail qasami
                                • PEq
                                • 06 Feb 2012

                                i like it

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                                  • immi.shk
                                  • t}E
                                  • 25 Jan 2012

                                  janginor .Pradeep ku, 18 Jan 2012i am having 7710 phone but screen is not coming out give me... morenothing's wrong with your 7710... it just need a "HARD RESET"

                                  keep it charging foe a descent amount of time that its fully charget

                                  -Disconnect the charger and remove battery.

                                  -Wait for about ten seconds and inseert the battery to start the device.

                                  take a look @ this picture...
                                  h ttp://

                                  -When you see the NOKIA welcome screen, immediatley press and hold two keys on the left side (the [= key and the Menu key) and shortly after that press and hold the second key from the top on the right side on the phone.

                                  -Confirm that you want to format. Formatting will start.

                                  C h e e r s ^ ^


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                                    • janginor .Pradeep ku
                                    • vws
                                    • 18 Jan 2012

                                    i am having 7710 phone but screen is not coming out give me a solution.i puchase new Desplay also not working.
                                    give me asolution alaram is working desplay white is coming.

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                                      • Farooq Imam Kauru
                                      • mEa
                                      • 18 Jan 2012

                                      I realy like the phone and still i want to get it if possible.

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                                        • prince rahman
                                        • Xuk
                                        • 05 Jan 2012

                                        i love this nokia 7710 model