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  • Anonymous

you have to remember that symbian is an Operating System - and there will always be people who like to get it to do what they want regardless how 'possible' it is...

just ask yourself, do you want to get your phone into the same sort of mess that a PC can get into...

If you are not **absolutely** sure what you are doing, you could turn it into scrap metal!!! and not even nokia, etc will want to know anything about it!!!

  • renzo

Nokia 7710 is a very good phone. But it's almost impossible to text while walking. Ive already maximize the 128MB with mp3 songs and it produces strong quality sounds via headphone. Im planning to buy 1GB for this phone for my presentations and sheets. Worth buying.

  • Symbianfan


Me thinks your getting confused, dual chip in the past meant you can put 2 sim cards in your one phone hearby receiving 2 lots of calls.

It cant change your whole interface of your phone. Surely... can it??

Im not convinced.

Subject change has anyone experienced tomtom on the 7710 yet??


  • Witchking

Ref this dual chip story, can you tell me where I can get some more information on it?


  • touch

guy's 7710 is a good phone but as everyone said:- no good application is available
now we don't have to worry about it, as a dualchip is available in the market. We just have to purchase that chip and fix it in the bottom of 7710 and guy's you won't believe then we can able to use series 60 and series80 application on our nokia 7710. thank's to great chinese. who made it possible

  • jalal

best mobile

  • Symbianfan

Hi Again,

Favourite pico roms include puyo pop, aladdin, golden axe 3, Samurai Showdown, Battle toads and double and of course the sonic series. I think ive been lucky all work fine.

Favourite apps include Mobile Ticker which i use every day, slovoed and typepad.

Keen to find out about the new tomtom 5.
Has anyone tried it yet?



I've beeing using 7710 for a month now. This is my first PDA phone which is thin enough to slip it into my front pocket. Speaker phone is amazing, simply turn the loudspeaker and keep the phone anywhere on the front dash and you could speak and listen without making an extra effort. Batterylife is amazing, Unlike my Imate Pocket PC edition I just need to charge it once a day for an hour and the battery is good for 24 hours use. Its takes time to get used to the one hand operation.

  • Witchking

Battery life:

Fully charged to 2 bars remaining with constant use (playing games) took 10 hours, so battery life is pretty good. I did have to reboot the machine this morning as it woud no longer text, but then as I have had lots of games crashing while I've been testing them, I'm not surprised really. Rebooting took a very short period of time and starting apps this morning was very quick. I've noticed that if you have multiple apps open (such as the mp3 player playing) then the phone does get very slow. With 1 app at a time, it is quite fast.
MP3's take between 1 and 4 mb each at top quality and games are between 100kb and 2mb as an average.
Games that work so far (picodrive): 777 casino, aladdin, cannon fodder, chess, warriors of the eternal flame?, frogger, golden axe, lemmings, the haunting, mega bomberman, phantasy star, super mario world, tetris. I may well test all the games and post a comprehensive list as I am "between jobs" at work right now. Oh and I'm a computer programmer, so I have some testing experience ;o)

  • Anonymous

I see you have creatively edited these posts, but you havent solved the problem!!!


If you cant fix it, please leave them as text!!

  • Witchking

The 7710 is slow(er) than other phones. However, as I've come from a 6600, I think its nippy enough (its about as fast as the 6600). I have to wait maybe 5 seconds for some applications to open up and sometimes those applications then close down. I have had it only two days, so some of the closures may be due to me typing wrongly. Battery wise, I heard the same, but I have played with it a serious amount and so far its up to normal nokia standards. That said, I heard that you should reduce the screen brightness to 50% (which I have) to get better battery life. I'm sat running mp3's and games through it and its not died or lost a single bar after 3 hours.

I would say I keep thinking I'm going to drop it (as its smooth) or scratch the screen and I feel it wouldn't appreciate getting dropped. It is very slow to text and the volum is not fantastic either through the speaker or the headphones (certainly you'll not go deaf).

That said, I love that I can listen to the radio, play my albums (real easy to upload), most sega megadrive games (without sound), take good photos (far, far better than my 6600) an hour of video, read Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, watch videos (they are a little bit choppy in full screen), use it as a dictaphone (very easy), the convertor is really great as its the book reader. All in all, after JUST 2 days, I would rate it very highly. I spent ages looking through phones and went for this in the end (it was this or the 9500 in the end). The 9500 looks like a brick though.

Anyway, I have to find a better wma to mp3 convertor as the one I tried is cutting off the end of songs. I also better let other people reply on this thing as I haven't even read the manual properly. :o)

  • alexandra

hi all
my name is alexandra from CYPRUS. i have the samsund D410 but its sucks so i would buy the 7710 i thing is from the best mobile but i heart that it is slow and the buttery sucks too. so plz tell me is it good????????????????????????

  • Witchking

I'm so stupid.

Start button is the Green Call keys. Oh well. :o)

  • Witchking

Just so you know, picodrive works well, but quite a few of the ROMS do not. They either dont let you start them or they crash or are unplayable.

I've got Lemmings, Golden Axe and warriors of the eternal flame to work. Duke Nukem, 12 in 1, The Haunting, Lotus Turbo Challenge M1 Abrams and Xenon fail. Warriors of Rome is a bit unplayable. Oh and before anyone says, Picodrive has no sound and I can't as yet download any MAME ROMS, but I have got Emame working.

  • Anonymous

thanks Witchking! some sense at last!! :)

  • Witchking

Thats annoying!
Okay will try again (add http://www. to the below links)

How to do Mame: -
Where to get MAME:
where to get mame ROMS:
Where to get picodrive:

Some apps (not checked this site) :

The link I got most of these from:


If THAT fails, just enter 7710 MAME into google and check the first two links.


  • Witchking


I've also moved to this phone from the (dull) 6600 and I'm also very impressed and also don't as yet find it slow at all. Camera is excellent too.

Can you tell me where you got 30 games from 9(e-mail me or post)? I will be downloading mame and picodrive today, alongside any other apps I can find. I'll post my findings here once done if I can.


  • Symbian Fan

Hi All,

I just want to say, this is the best phone yet, Im from uk. I've had it a week, the interface is amazing, playing games on it is brilliant, internet is excellent. I had the 6600 before and I was keen for a step up, most phones were pretty similar. I definatle got it with the 7710.

some people find it slow. I dont find it slow at all, perhaps its the firmware.

And I've got about 30 games on board.

Listen guys you won't be dissapointed with the 7710.


  • Witchking

I would get the O2 mini Xda 2s. It has the best reviews of the bunch. The 7710 is slow in use and unstable so I heard. I have it and its fine so far (in fact its amazing!) but the O2 has much better reviews. Depends what you want it for.

As for the MAME roms, I will look into this and when I suss it out I will let you know. I know using MAME on the PC, that you have to put the ROMS in a specific directory. DO a search in GOOGLE if you want and you can find guides by people who've already done it.