Nokia 7 plus goes through the scratch, burn and bend test

Peter, 04 June 2018

HMD has done well to live up to Nokia’s legacy – the new Nokia phones have been built like tanks. Can the Nokia 7 plus join the club? Smartphone boogeyman JerryRigEverything dug into the phone with his usual tools.

The phone uses Gorilla Glass 3 rather than a newer version, but that might actually be a good thing. The back with its “ceramic-feel” coating didn’t stand up so well and was easily scratched with a knife.

But that’s cosmetic damage, the true test is whether the phone will bend. We won’t spoil that for you, click play and find out:


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

it has a metal body with some ceramic feel paint on top so it is a metal phone with paint

  • Carol

Nokia 7 plus is not made out of glass. What are you talking about their? I do not care about iphones. Nokia's are 3 times stronger then any of them. So, when it comes to resistance, i see no point in naming devices like iphones. Especially when their...

Despite platic body phone did very well. If we compare its price and specs its a still excellent phone worth buy. Any non clumsy guy will buy a good cover also a 5D screen protector or something even better.

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