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potato, 16 Feb 2020um WhatI love my 808 Pureview, and still use this as my primary phone, it looks like new, even closing in on 8 years it has survived several drops, hard hits, soaked from severe weather exposure, it still works great, even in arctic cold weather. It has experienced all the worlds climates in past years, great signal reception, hardly ever loses coverage even in the remote areas where other phones lack connection even with all their newer frequency bands. Well known to all Imaging is one of its big strengths, with this camera and a tripod I even do (stellar!) nocturnal astrophotography, time-lapses, and of course full HD video/sound, hour-long and attached to remote storage if want be. To name a few more features: Brilliant sound quality both in and out (recording loud concerts is an option), the splendid beauty of replacable battery, (I have 6 spare cells and external charger for them, too, btw) which allows you camping and maintaining connection (if so I desire) for a cloudy week, without solar charge or other bulky charging devices), its continously upgraded (512 GB currently) memory card stores everything I need (some 30k hi quality music tracks, thousands of photos, videos, etc). Connections/ports of all kinds: 3.5mm ear phone jack, HDMI(!), USB OTG, NFC, DLNA, FM receiver/transmitter.. And, running an ancient, hacked Symbian OS with which I am well acquainted this phone allows me "real privacy", as there are no silly apps insistent on logging my every move, even if I do have loads of apps onboard for all kinds of information and creativity means, of course, complete global offline map coverage and a great GPS sensor, and excellent swype-keyboard for typing pages and pages of text, notes, emails, in editors for progamming and development purposes, whenever I want, and I do that a lot. Not to mention "Nokia Suite" excellent integration with Windows for backup/rebuild, syncing/export of all data, texting, etc..
In recent years I have suffered iPhones and Androids 'on the side', for their "APPiness" i.e. specifically required professional purposes, but they are always secondary devices which I enjoy only for shutting down and leaving at home, with their "defective by design" ecosystems.

  • potato

Shyam vijayan, 26 Sep 2019No does not make photo wow but this one make me extraordinary.ti... moreum What

  • Mo

TheArtist, 17 Mar 2019I've had many experiences of shooting with different smartphones... moreI am still using Nokia 808 also. I really like it's camera. It produces very nice picture especially in a bright light place. To get best photos I use automatic mode by capturing picture.

  • william

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  • Shyam vijayan

No does not make photo wow but this one make me extraordinary.till today beast in my hand for overall

  • sp808

Best camera resolution in smartphone category till 2019.
Huawei P30 Pro is 8% worser. But dynamic range is pretty poor by todays standards (can be fixed via exposure bracketing)

  • Nobody

Still own this beast till today. Using only as backup phone, the camera and audio still kick ass.Put on dolby headphone and enjoy.

  • Libros

Still using the phone in 2019 :-)
Amazing sensor (so light/fast lens)

  • Anonymous

TheArtist, 17 Mar 2019I've had many experiences of shooting with different smartphones... morewhat about Nokia 500 , 600 & 700 ?

  • Anonymous

Still Perfect Phone in 2019

  • jackie496

TheArtist, 17 Mar 2019I've had many experiences of shooting with different smartphones... moreI do and I still having it....truly a remarkable camera phone.

Delight 1.7 Symbian OS update for the Nokia 808 is ready.
I just upgraded and tested. everything looks fine.
Limited Wi-Fi connection bug is fixed and many more.

Follow below link to down load and upgrade.

Delight 1.7 includes:

Greatly reduced number of non-working garbage modules.
More cool and beautiful widgets in Delight style.
Python + Python 2.0 + Qt IAP are embedded! Now you can launch any and I mean any 3rd party app designed for touch UI!
Beautiful colourful top-bar above both native and even QtQuick apps and in power saving mode too! This is a unique mod created entirely by me (custom colours over QtQuick apps never existed before).
Nokia Maps bear semi-transparent elements for a better usability + repaired Maps Loader! Do you want to download, for example, Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany? Maps Loader will be working by requests, as I cannot place 50 GB on free hosting…!
Updated VoIP audio service to v2.3.1 (very rare and final update from Nokia) for Fring-like apps. Though Fring is dead, some other apps like MobileVOIP might still work.
Included MemSpy and ScreenGrabber. These free rarities by Nokia were really saved from hell! There is no more powerful task manager for Symbian than MemSpy; and ScreenGrabber allows taking both screenshots and recording screen continuously in GIF animation.
Amazing latest X-plore mod.
Repaired downloads through Nokia Mobile Dictionary.
Edited Converter app resources so that words don’t superimpose any longer.
Music Delight widget skin now bears almost non-tangible half-transparent base. This is useful for white album covers.
Internet connection popup for those who use limited mobile data plan and they will immediately see a notification if mobile data connection was initiated (very useful for full-screen apps and games)
Updated SSL certificates!
No more Limited WLAN Connectivity bug!
Repaired Connectivity Analyzer (Get Host By Name module after the death of Nokia servers).
Camera mod which doesn’t break PureView zooming (by Osenok and Timoxa)! This mod is just awesome!
Added stubs for all rom apps. Now, for example, Internet Radio is shown that it’s properly installed in AppList and can be launched from store.
Mobile data tracker widget in Delight style just rules! I showed a demo to the female Delight users, and they felt ecstasy seeing this!
Sound Improvement v3.5 by ExtraX7. Anna equaliser and loudness mod are now working from C drive with ROMPatcher+ patch.
Small profiles widget with custom graphics. Credits go to ICE GAME.
Top bar colours above native and QtQuick applications. Note: white colour will persist over Qt applications with custom QML files, for instance SIStore!
Java permissions mod, exclusively fully adapted for FP2.
Offline queries are fully or partially disabled for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FmTx. Thanks to CODeRUS for the first patch.
USB OTG pop-ups patch (another thanks to ExtraX7).
Colour gamma of mobile data tracker widget in Delight style.
Ability to change user agent of the built-in Web Browser via Delight App.

  • Anonymous

Can you upload photos on instagram? I mean when you get on instagram from the browser

  • TheArtist

I've had many experiences of shooting with different smartphones. In my experience, none of the so called flagships impressed me as much as the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8 in terms of still photography. I am not talking about video recording capabilities. I don't have these two phones anymore. Talking about the 808, the photos captured by it had plenty of details, negligible noise, natural colour profile in default mode unlike today's smartphones which boosts saturation, contrast, exposure and sharpen the image post processing which might please some people. I know RAW option is available these days on most smartphones but I don't need the huge size of the file produced. Nokia figured out the way to smartly use the 41 MP Module to zoom on the 808, you had more zoom at less megapixels without the demerits of digital zoom, oversampling, pureview mode etc much ahead of the competition. The Xenon flash on both the Nokias helped to freeze the shot and rendered human skin in its original colour with great detail in low light conditions. LED flash is straightforwardly garbage Nokia 808 remains the only phone (Not considering anything above 14mm thick as a phone) with a big sensor at 1/1.2" and the Nokia N8 being one of the very few phones with big sensor. Sure, these days we have AI, Advanced HDR, Computational Photography (add some more hyped words) etc on smartphones but the ability to render a scene in its original form with greater details, natural colours, laid back approach defeats them all. Nokia 808 was the last best of camera phones and I miss it very much. I believe getting the work done using less resources or only the necessary resources so as not to waste more than what's needed. Symbian, as an OS, didn't need an Octa Core CPU to support the 41 MP Camera few years back and it was absolutely fine with what it did offer at that time. If the tech was further innovated, even as a secondary functionary, it would have been much better than what we are left with these days. It's time for me to bid farewell to the legend. I'll probably get a cheap 200 dollar Android phone for basic needs and a separate DSLR to further pursue my interest in photography. Thanks Nokia and all the brains behind the Nokia 808 & N8. You'll know what I'm about if you ever held a Nokia 808 in your hand.

  • Anonymous

1/1.2'' Sensors ........Largest of all time

  • Anonymous

Nokia 808 was an award winning phone in MWC 2012 if I wasn't mistakenly remember. A great phone and also a Masterpiece in its time.

tonymancs, 01 Feb 2019Somehow it worked when I was in Vietnam but as soon as I came ba... moreThat's really strange. I miss having a good browser to view YouTube on. Now I only can view very low quality videos from YouTube in the standard Nokia browser.

  • Anonymous

"PureView" and 184 ppi... Sounds legit

Aadrian, 16 Jan 2019I tried Opera broswer but it's somehow not working (anymore). Somehow it worked when I was in Vietnam but as soon as I came back to Czech Republic it ceased working again.

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2018Try Opera or UC Browser. I tried Opera broswer but it's somehow not working (anymore).