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Nokia 8110 4G

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  • Josh

Bought this phone when it was first launched.... due to nostalgic feel.. had the 8110 many moons ago.... loved the design and buttons and look.... i'm a phone enthusiast as will buy phones and try and sell it after a bit.... This nokia 8110 4G used it mainly as a spare phone... ie sim with only receiving calls and text from family... minimal use... After about a year.. dumped the phone completely. Problems I see...:
1. initially could get about 18 days battery... after updates... 3 days max!
2. Prone to scratches etc.. I don't like my phones with scratches.. even my s10e and redmi 9T are well kept.... even other phones over the years... the plastic at the back... bad quality..
3. Keypad! press phone number..... 0194433949 for example and it most numbers duplicates 2 to 3 times with a single press... so it comes out 00194433339449...... especially horible when typing fast..
4. slow charging...
5. the power button easily gets pressed and phone is off when i put the phone in bag with books in it... slightest touch and phone turns off...

What I like: THE LOOKS!

  • Imeo

I wanted to buy this cellphone. Fortunately at the time i bought nokia 3310 2017 which, despite lack of whatsapp support, was actually worked pretty well for me for a three years until battery started to loose its capacity.
Its os, a mix between s30 and s40 nokia os, had integrated opera mini web browser which was, despite low internet speed, quite functional, even for using it with facebook and gmail. Dont actually know what is web browsing on this cellphone looks alike, because i never used it, but based on experience i had with other, later kaios device, i can only imagine (ordinary web page takes forever to load, probably because pages are reformating on some web servers for viewing on small displays or there is just a bug in the kai os).

  • jp satish

i cant update the 8110 4g

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2018Why does it take so long to delete messages? Been an hour a... morei have a year's messages from my it will take hours to delete. my thread was full and i did not realise why today's sms were not being saved in thread. i guess it was overfull. has anyone had this prob? my thread only shows sms till yesterday......and phone still DELETING since this morning. any help pls?

  • marie

sms to one of my contacts on nokia 8110 are not being saved to thread. i am deleting thread cause it is too full. will this solve my problem? today's messages remained out of the thread, and i thought i should delete all thread. is this the solution?

tiny white girl, 13 Jan 2021u mean that Android 4g hotspot is worse than iphone?If your question is "Is Android's [insert feature here] worse than [insert OS here]'s [insert feature here]?", the answer will always, always be yes, no matter what.

FlarosOverfield, 09 Jan 2021When a dumb phone can be a better 4G hotspot than literally... moreu mean that Android 4g hotspot is worse than iphone?

When a dumb phone can be a better 4G hotspot than literally every android phone ever made, you know you have a good phone.

  • Protractor

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2020Does 8110 have googleYes it does and if you update it to the latest version it has google assistant :D

  • Babu

nayab, 22 Dec 2020does it have touch screenOk yes xxx

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2018I have a 8110 4g and there is. Mine is like th... moreDoes 8110 have google

  • nayab

does it have touch screen

Bobs, 13 Oct 2020The keyboard isn't precise. The Nokia 105 is much bett... moreTrue, the keyboard isn't proper.

Balu, 20 Oct 2020The keypad is worst part in the phone most of the time it t... moreI agree, I have the same problem with my Nokia 8110 4G bought in Belgium.

  • Yasas

David Atik, 22 May 2020I am using this phone The worst os ever..KaiOs & also ... moreVery true!

  • Yasas

Aaroon, 28 Jun 2020Does this phone support imo calls..??No bro.. you have to install omnisd to get real apps if you want.. RIP Kaios!

  • Yasas

seanlikesnokias, 04 Sep 2020great phone for people who have no friends no social media ... moreAgree on the same matter. I have a 8110 4G. No proper response from HMD or Kaios. When I asked the latest update they even don't know the latest version that's been issued and asked me to reset the phone. In Sri Lanka, there is a Sinhala (සිංහල) input issue too. They just don't get what I say. Shame..!

  • Yasas

Balu, 20 Oct 2020The keypad is worst part in the phone most of the time it t... moreAgree. I have the same issue.

  • Anonymous

How can activate the both sim cards can receive calls at the same time??

I want to talk with family with sim1 but if the work is calling on sim2 i want take the work call.

  • Balu

The keypad is worst part in the phone most of the time it take key input twice while it is searching the contact in the contact list.