Nokia 8210 4G

Nokia 8210 4G

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  • Jell
  • 7Xd
  • 22 Aug 2022

Is this phone support vxp apps?

    Micro-usb is bad way of charging. Fragile slow and outdated. HMD still recycling old tech

      Does it allow contact transfer from vcard on memory card or Android phone over Bluetooth

        you have to suffer, 15 Aug 2022but its for the buttons only. not the rear camThe other commentator didn't ask led for camera. He just asked led. That meant led torch and this model has led torch

          Corane, 02 Aug 2022This is why Nokia is failing; why would you make a phone li... moreThat video was from balmer in Microsoft in 2014 or so

            Aadrian, 13 Jul 2022I like the design, it's retro and it looks a little bi... moreAgreed on the camera part u say. 2mp is needed

              sohail shafayat, 13 Jul 2022go see the Nokia 8000 4G specs for 78 Euros and give me a r... moreThat kaios sh*t is the main reason to choose the usable 8210

                [deleted post]but its for the buttons only. not the rear cam

                  Koschei, 12 Jul 2022Is there any reason why anyone would buy the Nokia 5710 Xpr... more5710 has similar functionalities except smaller screen. It has inbuilt tws included in it. Both model serves different purposes.

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                    • Dk
                    • gM}
                    • 14 Aug 2022

                    Definitely I would buy it! But sorry to say it does not have Wi-Fi hotspot.

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                      • Yes
                      • iBD
                      • 14 Aug 2022

                      Anonymous, 11 Aug 2022Nice to see Nokia is supporting the usage of burner phones ... moreDo they have sand color available ?

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                        • G
                        • rKq
                        • 12 Aug 2022

                        Only if this supported Wifi Hotspot.
                        It would be pretty useful

                          • R
                          • Reddy
                          • vGJ
                          • 11 Aug 2022

                          Nokia if u wanna comeup with these kind of phones...recall your symbian OS person..

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • sF2
                            • 11 Aug 2022

                            Nice to see Nokia is supporting the usage of burner phones lol Understandably, these phones will be suitable for some people, but for me, it can only serve as nostalgia.

                              Ahh the memories.. Back when darude standstorm ringtone was a banger..

                                • H
                                • Hamid
                                • B{C
                                • 10 Aug 2022

                                If i would have this shape of phone, i prefer to have something similar to E51 or N95, N82 ,....
                                At least embed a 5 mp camera into these phones, metal and leather body, something classy ,...

                                  • A
                                  • Akon
                                  • rK5
                                  • 10 Aug 2022

                                  is that support whatsapps?

                                    Better with USB C chargong. NOKIA pleeeease

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 7kp
                                      • 09 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 08 Aug 2022It's not basic crap. It's the absolute right choi... moreAbsolutely right bro

                                        The headphone jack whiners should buy this phone.