Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

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  • Anonymous

ugly Phone with the ugly price n' ugly feature.. BADZZZZZZZZZZZ PHONE!!!!!!!

  • Hugo Corleoni

I just got this phone 2 weeks back. I wanted a nice phone and in all honesty this phone wasn't what I was really looking for but I got it anyways since it was the best one they had at the shop and now I have to say I love it. Its good if you want something simple and classy. It feels comfortable when your using it and if your not someone who takes pics and all everyday with their phone or uses it for mp3 then this phone is perfecto. It does attract some attention but its ok to stand out sometimes. It'll grow on you once you get, its more beautiful than the 8800 or 8800 siroccos and feels better too. I like alot, I strongly suggest over anything else if you just do calls, texts, and meetings scheduled in phone.

  • fazz

this phone is great had the lg prada and it is rubiish the lg prada i mean not had any problems with it so far the only thing im dissappointed by is the fact that the design of the leather case isnt that good and you spend so much money on ti and they dont even give you a bluetooth headset to go with it like you get with the sirrocco so now iv got a phone that is worth alot and im using a 10 pound jabra headset dat looks rubbish lol

also im trying to get free themes any ideas or help as to where i can find these a website or owt iv tried zedge dat neva let me down but this time it has no themes for the 8600

  • Nietzsche~

Hi, i'm quite keen on 8600 Luna but its not available in Singapore yet.

At the moment I'm having 8800, 8800 Special Edition, 8800 Sirocco. But I actually prefer my 8800 Special Edition than my sirocco, cos the sound quality & design is better.

Whereas the Luna seems totally different from Sirocco. It gif me a feeling that it is combination of Nokia 6300, 8800 & Sirocco.

Is anyone able to tell me more after using it?

  • Stagedive

Undoubtebly has style, but judging by the specs, lacks substance.

So-called "exclusive" handsets (like the 8800) are simply impractical vanity pieces. Why spend a wad of bills on something that just LOOKS nice?

A phone is a phone, not an ornament.

Evidently, you need to be wearing Russian Goggles if you're serious about spending your hard-earned wonga on this.

  • Anonymous

beautifull like always but i preferd my sirroco gold, the luna its look cheaper

  • K!z

Beautiful phone, it's a shame it only has a 2mp camera though


hi guys... luna is great and the keypad thing is fantastic but let just not forget its not symbian which means less software functionality...... also about the noisy speaker its a defect from nokia ....i mean not supposed to be

  • qasi

8600 fone is nice phone i also use the latest mibiles of nokia . but this fone is litttle bit different so we should all try this fone .i hope nokia will be bring mors channges in their mobiles.ok bye

  • meme

ok luna is great phone and with cute looking and after all its nokia made and starting from the 8910i 8800 sirocco8800 and now the 8600 luna are all luxry phones, but the sirocco is something els don't ask me why .

  • blue

if you give matches inside....hmmm so more elegant

  • Luna_wanted_no-longe

I guess in a nut shell... if you never had the 8800 and went in for the 8600, then you wouldnt know the difference.. but if you are switching from the 8800 to the 8600, then you will probably miss your 8800...

I have gotten my 8800 SE.. its just one fab phone :)

  • Anonymous

I can see what you're saying, but I have to disagree. "Hhhh," yes, but "hhhhhhh"? No, I can't get on board with that at all.


Nice phone. Very very nice phone. But the price? Not so nice. It's well built, nice to use, looks great, made of excellent materials. But for the price of the handset I'd expect something extra special. Something that looks really nice is not extra special, it's just nice looking. There are plenty of fashionable phones out there, I just can't see what makes this one so special and worth so much. It's a shame, because I do like the phone.

  • aggie

yeah thanks for that i appreciate your help

  • Anonymous

The speaker is crystal clear and pretty loud, so I would probably get mine checked if I were you.

  • aggie

i was wondering if one of you guys could help me. i got my 8600 today and so far i have been impressed with it, but when i have been listening to my ringtones on full volume the speakers have been really distorted and quite this a fault or is this how its supposed to be?

  • Moose

Is the keypad supposed to flash when someone rings? Or just in standby/when the screensaver turns off?

  • Mashhood

hey guyz, i hav the nokia e90 n 8600 luna!! and im thinking of changing my 8600 luna for 8800 sirocco!!! please give me ur opinionz!! thankz!

  • JJ

Got mine yesterday. Not expensive as the 8800 Sirocco. Its one heavy thing ;). You can feel the materials used and the keyboard needs some getting used too. Slider seems solid and properly built. Audio quality is amazing but still under my obsolete E70. One of the first nokia phones with full screen caller display. You add a photo to a contact and it is shown over the whole display not like on E70 a small square in the bottom corner. This is a phone and not a gadget. I must say, the NOKIA baggy coming with the phone seems done with the cheapest materials on earth. Even the Ipod case is more quality. Thats the only drawback...but hey if you want Luxury from Nokia you get a 15000 euro gold Vertu.

  • nokia?

hais.. i dunno if i should get this phone or n76. its jsut this phone kinda need more budget and the functions.. can i ask if this phone have functions like n76? it does not, right? what is so interesting bout this phone? the design only rite? features nt so wise rite? pls help me. thanks.