Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

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  • A.G

you can find themes on the nokia site but they stink!! the phone is too recent, gotta wait. anyway, i got it and i'm a little disappointed... gotta get used to it but i miss my 8800... (still got it though)

  • Luna_Wanted

Just wndering if the price will drop or stay pretty much stable like the 8800XX

Any comments?

  • Anonymous

the luna is fantastic

  • Anonymous

omg it doesnt have a memory card slot. where are you going with this phone :@

  • Luna User

where can i find themes for this cell phone? i couldnt find any at ..........
please somebodyy help me out here...!

  • Jeny

Absolutely NOT!

  • ILYS87


  • Anonymous

i have changed mine for the 6300 sliver i was haveing the same probs loveing 6300 now

  • Anonymous

i cordent wait to get the luna but now i have got it i have already taken it back 3 times it keeps on swiching its self off

  • Anonymous

i think the 8600 is the worsted phone i have ever brought i am so disapounted with it the batry life is terrible it only last a few hours and it keeps frezzing!! DONT BUY IT""

  • Anonymous

its brill the best phone ever

  • tie

recently i bought the 8600, i have to say it's really a nice phone. but there's one question "does the phone have a auto keypad lock" since whenever i close the slider it asks for a lock first which i find to be kind of annoying. soo does anyone know if the phone has an autolock function and how to enable it

  • Aydin

dizzle:in your command you said luna is for people who can not afford sirocco? man do you need glasses? sirocco is no way closer to luna. luna is much much better phone than sirocco. luna is up grated of sirocco wake up man. you give me sirocco for free I would not look at it. go to store put two phones next to each other I bet every one who would see it would pick luna.

  • Aydin

seyyedo: thank you for understand me about the phone. man I am really enjoying with it very much. I swear every time I make a call people see it ask me oh what kind kind of phone is that? looks really nice. thats all I want to hear my people did you get it?I am just being very carefull not to drop it ground by accident I am keeping it with original nokia leather case really nice one

  • vasile

best phone ever

  • me

600 puonds is alot what would you about 750 EURO but i buy it from bulgaria

  • carr1919

Well I have had my phone for two weeks now. I love this phone. I read the messages that complain about this phone. The only reason you get this phone is because you want to be different from everyone. I hate seeing everyone with the same phone. I want to be different from the pack. It also helps I am in the states and it has not been introduced here yet. This is a high end phone.

  • Anonymous

looks good

but sckss actually i raplaced mine

  • Anonymous

its a hot phone baby simply the best must have edition

  • dizzle

im not sure what to go for. the sirocco or the luna. confused but gonna get one for my bday. hope that one of them is better than my current phone, samsung U600.