Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800

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  • fuz

hey guys

is this phone cover made by platinum steel or something? why is the phone soo expensive comparing to an ordinary phone which has better features than this phone?

  • razu

can u say me that where can i get high power battery of this phone? the main problem is the battery

  • chandrasekhar

venom, 11 Mar 2009whoever says that 8800 sucks means he doesnt have money for it. ... moreLet some one know where i can get the the battery replaced from 8800 Nokia.

  • N.Farhad

In theory battery life is not a problem. If you talk too much, you certainly have an office or a car to recharge it.

  • Anonymous

its an awsom fne nd my battery has no problem. i wonder y.....

  • venom

whoever says that 8800 sucks means he doesnt have money for it. 8800 for its time was a masterpiece of the mobile phones. it looks great,it feels great. the battery problem can be fast resolved by buying a sirocco batery. it is just a great phone to have,stylish and sexy.

  • shammyal

its realy a nice cell but the only problem is its battery!

  • 8800

8800 arte battery does not fit for 8800 classic
but the solution to the battery problem is to replace the old one with a 8800 sirocco bp-6x witch lasts 2-3 days even after 6 months of usage

  • Anonymous

I am very disappointing abut its battery performance. Nokia should think abut customer point of view, because we are paying VERY HIGH PRICE FOR 8800, But battery backup is 420!!

  • kacang

pucking battery!!!

  • Anonymous

Is there a possibility to change original 8800 battery to 8800 arte 1000mah battery (bl-4u i think). Phones look the same type, so battrey should fit too. IS THIS TRUE?

  • user

i love my 8800 but problem is battery and keypads, the battery i use now is the third one,but problem still there, i used to charge it for few minutes like 30mints and it shows the battery is full, and when you receive long call it shows empty battery, keypad i cant go back by using keypads i must close the folder, and when i write message i cant delete if am wrong i have start a new message, its very bad but i like it.

  • 5kov

Forget Nokia 8800 - it is past! Look for the future. But NOKIA should really look for batteries. The life of all phones is so poor thet it is beyond criticism. Exept for the phones with no functions at all.


I LOve MY 8800..This Phone Is GOod...Just The Battery.. Is VEry Poor :S

  • ang3l

I have a gold nokia 8800 and the *,0,#,and the top right key doesn't register, screen is blank when you turn it on. Needs fixin! i have a question DOES anyone know if i replace a new keypad or a full house case for my phone will that fix the keypad problem,or is it not the keypad that need to be fix becux its the inside of the phone that why the keypad is not working? And Does anyone knows is it okie for me to put a sirocco case on a reg. 8800? screen is blank when i turn it on how can i fix that? if some of this is not fixable by me then where can i send it to be fix? thanks alot if you can answer my question thanx thanx thanx

  • Anonymous

hey! im 4rm naija....pls nobody shld buy dis features.poor battery sucks. go n get e71 its da bomb.

  • Chris T

You can really get these Nokia 8800 at a fantastic price at

  • shawn (trinidad)

phone is gr8 but the battery life sucks!!!

  • brokeNAngeL

m frm pakistan .. listen ppl dnt buy this coz battery poor and no memory card even no usb port or infrared ... bt gud sound quality .. ill always prefer u nokia e51 with camera .. check it its cooooool... thanx ..

  • action guy

listen u alll...
what ever way u spent ur time to say somting about thise still - Beast..but to me it suks for its battery charge limitation and it s not workin in ma country, coz its nokia 8801. can any 1 help how to get rid of this hell...if need i will treat him or homeyezzzzzzzz..stilll this is my fav 1...