Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

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  • nkia fan

nice looking phone but needs 5meg camera wid excellent video

o yeh its 2expensive, not worth money. its onli for d rich sexxi basstadz

  • aquariun

Think how much iPhone and iPod touch u can buy in this price and what a grace is to have one

  • san

Good set once again but when nokia is going to change from traditional to a touch interface which is getting boost these days.
Every brand has now launched touch screen interface except nokia. c'mon nokia where are you?

  • Anonymous

this phone are for those rich people who wants to show off! oh! look i got an expensive phone!

nokia 1100 is even better

  • SH*T

what a completly pointless phone and series of phones saying that!!!

well done nokia again another expensive pile of crap!!


Not another one...

  • zD

You can't buy it so you cry... ¬¬U

  • lucky

real beauty. Cant wait

  • Anonymous

but y would someone by the fone for its quality nokia is out of its mind

  • Q

i think arte series is not that usability

but I'm sure it's about quality

  • Anonymous

can someone tell me wat de fuc is the point of those expensive usless fones

  • Anonymous

Billy, 19 Aug 2008Another Arte? Jesus, they are breeding! I hate artes, th... moreTotaly agree with you.

  • Billy

Another Arte? Jesus, they are breeding!

I hate artes, they are expensive and not that great a phone to be honest

They are more a statement of wealth than anything else