Nokia 8855

Nokia 8855

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  • ITI

i feel tt it's such a cool cellular phone.

  • Anonymous

It's just a 8210 !!!!

  • Vasil Ivanov Pachedj

this is the best phone in all world,isn't it?

  • Anonymous

today when i go shopping,i first time saw this new style phone n feel very cool.

  • Yasin

Where can I get a free sample?

  • Dave

Coolphone.When willbe launched?

  • Ball

very bad design and not reasonable price.

  • kay

Nice black color, long hours talk time and something you called it "a must have."

  • ibrahim al saleh

more inf plz

  • 8310

HoHoho kiss abouk bi airi nchala byentak
akhou charmouta 3ama shou hal AIREEEE

  • Miladin

I don't like it.I am for, Bulagaria and i'll sa y somenthing in bulgarian.Ebati shibanija KENEF e tva 8855.Ne mi haresva.8850-kata si drugo ne6to.8310 suto ne me kefi!

  • Mat Busu

Selamat menyambut tahun baru kepada pengguna dan peminat Nokia.

  • Charbel

peapol what's goin on in the world today humans r diing and the companies don't give a damn i think they should stop making stup phone and start concentrating on a phone that inclides all optins like wap gprs radio infrared port colored camera... COMPOSER. and with a small price so they'll win :)

  • HoHoHo

8310 go to hell wif ur mom

  • 8310

HoHoHo go to hell

  • 8310

8850 i'm not angry wit u, i just dont share ur opinion. i think 8310 is better than 8850, thats has fm radio, WAP 1.2.1 via GPRS. its smaller than 8850, and i approve that it looks like a toy, but what the hell, i'm a teen and i think 8310 is best for teens. tell me 8850, dont u share my opininon?

  • 8250 owner

well y did so many ppl say tis fone looks ugly..yea is ugly but i still prefer tis design wer it's really a cool classic design.For the function is really the down for tis fone...such a bad for a so called PREMIUM fone.But personally i think 8855 can still attract buyers including me....

  • 8850

to 8310,
you are really dumb man! can you tell that even 8250 looks much better than 8310? i bet you can't, cause you are blind. 8310 sux big time. 8250 and 8850 still beat your 8310 stupid design.

  • 8850

ha ha ha ha, 8310 is angry with me. simply becaus he finally figure out his 8310 is a lauzy phone. all my male friends never take a second look at 8310 before buying a new 8850 recently. 8850 still rulez. the ratings on this site tells you all, just that you are too dumb to understand what it meant.

  • 8310

hey 8850 fuck u i hope u die cause i'll fuck ur mum btw stop saying 8850 rulz it sux even 2110 is better and if someone want to get a 88xx get 8890 its way better than 8850 fuck 8850 and its phone, 8850