Nokia 8 arrives in Asia, Malaysia gets it first

Himanshu, 11 September 2017

The Nokia 8 has made its way to Asia. The Snapdragon 835-powered flagship smartphone is now available to purchase in Malaysia, where it costs RM 2,299, which currently translates into just over $545.

Available color options include Stainless Steel, Tempered Blue, Polished Blue. The Polished Copper variant will be made available at a later date. Other countries where the phone is currently available include Germany, Finland, and Australia.



Reader comments

  • nathanielZAFFRUEL

That price is definitely a flagship price in Malaysia..quite affordable too, considering other flagship.

  • Anonymous

S8 too much bloatwares, iPhone no sdcard slot.

  • Android

This is a Nokia when you look at design and camera specs Nokia would have preferred a more secure OS (so it could develop the phone apps) Nokia is restricted somewhat in that all phone makers can develop apps as all are using the same so...

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