Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator

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  • Crabs

I just got 1 on eBay what a beast of a phone to be released in 2000 my battery holds a very good charge as well. As I believe the batteries for this phone are getting very rare to find.


  • JoonasD6

Macbeth, 30 Jun 2018I'm finding it really hard to believe this phone was releas... moreMacbeth: it was. I used one since early 2001 and kept using for good 10 years. It still "just works" if you plug it in. The later Communicator models got dumbed down and didn't appeal to me. :/

baboo, 16 Aug 2018nokia always was ahead of others, until 2012,, Not ALWAYS. Sony Ericsson C905, LG KC780 and Samsung i8510 INNOV8 was released in 2008 while Nokia N86 was released in 2009. The Samsung i8910 Omnia HD and Sony Ericsson Satio was released in 2009, Omnia HD having 720p video recording and Satio having a 12MP camera. Nokia didn't have that until a year later in 2010.

Macbeth, 30 Jun 2018I'm finding it really hard to believe this phone was releas... morenokia always was ahead of others, until 2012,,

I'm finding it really hard to believe this phone was released in 2000 :/. It was too far ahead of it's time (if it really was released in 2000).

  • kashuluv

This was my first every phone, it was given to me by my grandfather...and it was this phone that I fell in love with the brand nokia.
I still have this phone and the battery is also original and works perfectly...I use this phone sometime....I have many applications loaded on to it for mp3 video office and favourite is playing doom on this device...still love this device...even though it has some dents and scratches....

  • Jashi

AnonD-418498, 17 Jul 2015Anyone still has this??Yes I have it bought it in a boot sale in holland working perfect

  • John_629

Am a Nokia Communicator phone user and whenever Nokia released new communicator phones I always buy and used one

  • AnonD-561586

giorgos, 26 Apr 2016my first smartphone, working till now at 2016, i used it as... morehi! can you show me how to use it ?

  • AnonD-561278

Got this phone recently purely out of curiosity. And it's a beast. I was able to get hold of the complete app library for this phone which makes it quite usable.
It now has an MP3 player, PDF reader, video player, office features, games, etc. Really cool to use.

  • Forest

Nokia 9210 is the best phone ever!
I used it for eight years till it wore down and I could not get another one.
How I miss it!!!!

I have a dream that Nokia will produce a modern version of 9210, with the same worderfully light-to-touch-physical-keyboard with the extra tree Nordic letters printed on the keys, the wonderfully easy-to-add-new-posts-maually-calender, the walking PC, my accompanying office!
You could write an entire novel on it.

Why ever did you stop making Nokia 9210 ??????????

I hate these new phones with no real keyboard, no lid to protect the screen. Isn't it about time someone made something different and stood out from the rest? Nokia 9210 IS IT!!!!!!

  • giorgos

my first smartphone, working till now at 2016, i used it as my proffesional tool

  • fashion_m

DIPAK, 19 Nov 2015I have NOKIA 9210 and I want sell it. but battery is not w... moreHey, I want to buy this phone! Do anybody still sell it?


I have NOKIA 9210 and I want sell it.
but battery is not working, otherwise phone is working very good

  • Greggs

Does anyone know what the upper limit capacity of the MMC cards that slot into the phone is ? Is it 128 MB - less or more ? Does the Symbian OS need upgrading / updating to access more than the 16/32MB card supplied as MMC 256 MB does not work?

  • AnonD-418498

Anyone still has this??

  • Hosain

I Like Brand Of NOKIA.I Have Now Use Of Nokia N95&5230

  • AnonD-178203

I wish I ever had this smartphone -__-"

  • AnonD-356220

one of the best phones i every had 2003~2005 thank you alot

  • AnonD-88338

Ikko HF, 15 Jan 2011My father used to have this phone before He gave it to me, ... morehello! i'm glad to read that someone likes this phone so much as me,i have it since 2002.many memories with that one,i met even a girl in a bar when she asked me "what is this?" after all this years of using his screens damaged before a few months.strongest smarthphone ever!