Nokia 9.2 PureView could be a return to Nokia 8 formula

Michail, 27 January 2020

The Nokia 9 PureView was a flagship with high expectations that failed to deliver on multiple fronts. Arguably the biggest let down was the unreliable performance of the Light optical technology camera. Towards the beginning of the month, we heard some rumors about the Nokia 9’s successor which will reportedly incorporate a Snapdragon 865 chipset and is expected to make its debut in the autumn.

Nokia 9.2 PureView could be a return to Nokia 8 formula

Now, we are getting yet another report about the device which is expected to come as the Nokia 9.2 PureView. According to the new leak, HMD will ditch the Light camera technology this time around and will opt for on a more conventional approach but we don’t have any details as to what to expect here.

Nokia 9.2 PureView could be a return to Nokia 8 formula

As far as pricing, the new Nokia 9.2 PureView is also rumored to come with a lower pricetag at around $660/€600 which brings it in the Nokia 8 mold. In terms of hardware, the rumors suggest a bezel-less display with a 32 or 48MP camera alongside wireless charging and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.



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  • dimitrk

I own a Nokia 8 phone for over a year now. Retrospectively, I couldn't make a better choice at the time, considering it was an offer so I bought it having in mind to keep it as a spare device or sell it. I am currently using it as my primar...

  • Elderad

I have a Nokia 8 Scirocco. It is probably the best phone ive owned in a long time. i use to run with the sony xperia z5 premium and x2 premium phones. My nokia 8 has fallen so many times without a cover on hard surface and ive got 1 minor crack...

  • Anonymous

Need camera quality phn from nokia like nokia n8

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